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Dawnbringer, Bane of Undead


Dawnbringer, Bane of the Undead was gifted to the Dawncrest family by a priestess of Aherin in The Age of Dread. It is said to have been blessed by godess Aherin herself and that Thea Dawncrest used this blade to deal the killing blow to The Dark One, shattering the blade into four pieces in the process.
  In 723 one of the shards was stolen. One of the house guards reported a small, possibly humanoid creature making off with the shard in the dead of night. The guard was unable to apprehend the nimble thief. Rumors started to spread that a Geckoid, belonging to the Finders of Fortune, who had entered the city around the time the shard disappeared, had stolen it.

Current location

After the fight only two shards could be recovered, which remain in possession of the Dawncrest family to this day. Many have since tried to recover the two lost shards - and failed. Should the lost two shards ever be recovered, this legendary sword could most likely be reforged.
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Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
Age of Dread, ca. 458
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