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Giant Spider

Written by Salen

When the orc tracker, Fargeth Rendhan found out about these giant spiders, he immediately thought to use them as beasts of burden. He had ventured into their forest and got lost. Low on food and water, he roped one of these beasts and rode it out, making good time despite the terrain. Early attempts to break grown spiders ended in horrible, sometimes fatal injuries. It was then thought to harvest egg sacks from the lairs of these spiders which led to more unfortunate deaths and small skirmishes along the forest borders.  

Try and Try again

After years of attempts the first young spiders were born and bred for transport. they are now used as pack beasts, carrying vast quantities of weight across distances that only require minimal rest. Feeding them has been the only concern, but the humid air thankfully breeds more than enough vermin.

Basic Information


The giant spider of the Shards is an arthropod with eight legs, small fangs (comparable to its size) that inject a paralytic venom, and a segmented abdomen. Their spinnerets are different than most spiders as they have double the amount as normal (up to near 80,000) This is found only in the silapoda genus of spider

Additional Information


Giant spiders are taken from thier eggs and raised in specific breeding huts. They are trained and broken into pack animals and fitted with a carrying saddle at a young age so that their structure adapts to the weight early and compensates as they grow.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The orcs use these giant spiders to produce silk for their clothing (see spidersilk) and also as pack animals as their great strength is unparralled. Some warlods use them as mounts but this is rare.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

These spiders are only found in the warm southern reaches of the Shards. Particularly Farthtusk and Boltusk

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Four pairs of eyes arranged in two curved lines across the main head.
by Jakeaferr


Although Fargeth Rendhan recieved credit for this discovery, it has recently come to light that it was in fact his wife that first had the idea of using the spiders silk webbing for clothing. Spidersilk made the family rich beyond expectations and while many other orcs learned to domesticate the giant spider, no one perfected the process of turning silk into clothing like the Rendhan Family.
Scientific Name
Araneae Sliapoda Gigantos
The average lifespan of a trained Giant spider is 10 years
Average Height
four to five feet tall
Average Weight
up to 300 pounds
Average Length
with legs they can measure up to nine feet long
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