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Giants of Easthalen

We know what we are little ones. We are powerful and could crush anyone who even dares cross our borders. We almost did once after the Cascade and the Stolen Children. Came close to tearing our nation apart. But rest are safe here. Meg'han, Clan Council leader
    The great and powerful nation of Corlak, land of the sentient items  is one that many do not wish to cross and upset. They are happy to be left alone behind the mountains thats cover most of their borders. And the world is happy to leave them there. Not much is know about the "organic" natives of Corlak, apart from the fact they are a mixture of Giants and Giant-kin.   The Caretakers of Corlak (simple put as Caretakers) as they are called are the ones who look after the item people , they move those who cant move , grow the food and rule the land in conjuction with the Living Artifacts.  Unoffocialy, they are dived up into two groups:  
  • Giant Kin - The "smaller" humanoids or those that have some giant blood in their ancestry. They range from "regular" sized humanoids to people best described as a Small-Giant.
  • The Clans - The Clans make up the rest of the non-artefact population. For visitors from other realms, these are the Giants they are used to. At least in form. The personalities and behavior is vastly different.
  The Clans are what visitors would refer to as sub-types in other worlds, such as Hill, Ice, Fire and so on. Each Clan has a role within Corlak that they specialise in.For example - The Storm Giants for example seem to specialise in the sciences.   The personalities of the Giants are as varied as any other sentient species, but certain groups to tend to fall along the same lines. The Fire Clan, for example, is considered these days to be rather humourless, suspicious of outsiders and grumpy. But, considering that their previous jovial good nature was taken advantage of and resulted in the incident where the Item-Children were stolen/kidnapped, caused an understandable shift in their personalities as they wrongly blamed themselves.    What few visitors have been allowed into Corlak have reported seeing the following clans, with evidence suggesting that there was many more they did not encounter. The Clans names are a loose translation of the words the locals use to describe themselves. They are perfectly happy with terms such as Hill or Fire being used in place of the correct names, as Giantese is very difficult, if not impossible for the "Smalls" to pronounce correctly, due to physical limitations.  
  • Cloud
  • Deep
  • Desert
  • Fire
  • Hill
  • Ice
  • Mountain
  • Storm
    Each of the clans sends a representative to the council. Each voice is treated equally, and the Chair/Leader position rotates around every 10 years. The current leader is Meg'han of the Storm Clan. Meetings occur once a month, with a Grand Meeting occuring once a year or when the situation demands it.    Relationships within the clans are not forbidden, but the child born of any such union will typical take after the mother and their clan will be responsible for their upbringing and typical life path.


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