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Easthalen - Old Version


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The world of Easthalen is in fact two worlds, two planes joined together through a divine act, although some view it as a punishment. In many ways that what it was. The World Barrier was constructed almost 1500 ago to contain an unstable god, Halen, to prevent him from undoing existence. Halen had somehow bound the whole of reality to his life force.If he died, therefore did everything else. Consequently, he was imprisoned instead and kept senseless.   This prison was built on the site of his capital city, Franner and covers it and an area of the continent on which it resides.It also sadly meant the gods had to be in the prison with him, along with some of the location population. They sacrificed themselves so that their creation was spared as nothing can get past the World Barrier.Nothing. In fact time and space get mixed up, and the rules of reality are relaxed to the breaking point and beyond making it dangerous and unpredictable to even approach it.   Attempts at travelling into the past, to before the creation of the World Barrier met with messy results.It was during these attempts to escape by the population that the two worlds discovered each other. Within this area, this prison for a deranged god, the two twin worlds resides.The two dimensions could not be more different, yet similar. Geographically they are the same, but one is filled with magic, dragons and supernatural beings.The other with science, mutants and technology.Frequently people and beings who exist in one world, exist in the other, even though their personality may be contrasting. Travel between these two realities is quite easy, but heavily regulated by those in control.   The creation of the World Barrier had other, unplanned effects. In the arcane world, magic energy started to build up, allowing almost all the population to be able to cast spells of some description with only those trained in the arcane arts able to cast a spell without any side-effect. In the science world, this odd energy manifested in the form of mutants and mutations. Almost everyone possesses one, with the vast majority of them being something trivial like odd coloured eyes or hair. Some are not so lucky.   This is the world of Easthalen. Two worlds joined together by unimaginable forces. Forced to share a prison with a mad, slumbering god and each other.    
Please note that this is a WIP and as such will be updated a lot and changes made, many blank or placeholder entries, existing ones expanded etc
— Chris