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Albedo’s Surgical Scissors

The arrow was in deep, too deep. If it was pulled out it would do a lot of damage, but it could not be left in there. The only choice was to cut it out. Luckily for the patient, my mentor Albedo, had gifted me his enchanted surgical scissors. Placing them against the wound the scissors begun to work on their own, cutting the flesh around the projectile, the patient was in no pain, in fact, they seemed to relax. The arrow-head was loose and could be removed. The flesh had grown back a small amount, enough to help us close the wound.
  The Surgical Scissors were originally made for a surgeon who saved the life of a powerful cleric. His god demanded the debt be repaid and so the cleric made him a set of tools to help in the task. He had got as far as making a pair of surgical scissors before he was struck down by enemies of his church. Albedo tried to once again save the clerics life, but it was too late. It was not until much later when using the scissors for the first time to help cut away some rotten flesh on a soldier on the battlefield that he discovered the true power of the scissors.   The scissors are at first glance a pair of normal surgical scissors, made from what appears to be a high-quality steel. They can be used in either the left or the right hand comfortably, due to the fact that the maker didn’t know if Albedo was left or right handed and could not contact him in time to find out, so erred on the side of caution.   The scissors work to cut away damaged or infected flesh. That which was cut away will mostly grow back, but the original damage will not be repaired, as the scissors were the first bit of a planned set that included a surgical saw, scissors, scalpel and other medical equipment. As the cleric only finished the scissors, this item will never reach its true potential, but can still be useful. Part of the enchantment releases a powerful local painkiller/anesthetic, to relax the patient. Any minor infections are also removed. In effect, the scissors allow the user to “cut away” what is causing the problem, making it easier to repair the damage. They are also self-cleaning, so there is no need to sterilize them after use, but doing so will not damage them in any way.   Sadly, they are now empty of power and can not remove problems or release the numbing agent, but the cleric who made the scissors made some notes, and they do suggest a way to recharge them. They can still be used as a high-quality pair of scissors and will remain sharp no matter what they cut.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The true nature of how they were created has been lost to time, but the incomplete notes suggested that taking them to a shrine dedicated to a deity of healing and immersing them in the holy water there for 24 hours will fully recharge the item for a year, maybe more.
11 cm long
Base Price
Unknown, buyt more if they can be recharged


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