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Turbear, the turtle-bear

The Turbear, or turtle-bear is a large beast of burden that seems to have enormous strength and pulling power. Originally believed to be a hybrid species, on further investigation, it was discovered to be a new creature in its own right that merely resembles a combination between a bear and a turtle.   This carapace is unusually strong and gets stronger as the creature ages. There is a persistent legend that if a Turbear lives to be 75 years old its carapace is practically indestructible except against the most potent forms of magic or force.

Basic Information


4 limbs, a muscular body with a hard carapace on the top. This carapace is stronger than a turtle and can withstand a high amount of weight.

Biological Traits

Mostly gentle and docile, they can be "broken" and become fierce and unpredictable guards. This seems to shorten their lifespan to 25 years.

Genetics and Reproduction

Technically a mammalian species - reproduction occurs in the same way for them as for other mammals.

Growth Rate & Stages

Birth is normally only one or two cubs. The carapace develops as the cub matures and starts at the base of the skull and grows towards the stubby tail

Ecology and Habitats

Can live anywhere there is plenty of food and water for it to consume. Prefers more temperate climates as the more extreme temperatures appear to induce sluggishness.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An omnivore, but seems to have a fondness for sweet potatoes.

Biological Cycle

Unlike the creature to which it resembles, the Turbear does not need to hibernate but can spend a lot of time during the day resting and sleeping.

Additional Information


Treated as domesticated, but can be "broken" to become a guard

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Pulling heavy loads, transportation, and in a few cases guards.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

World over, but prefers temperate zones

Average Intelligence

Whilst slow can be trained and , in a fashion, communicated with

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Can see and hear as well as a bear can
Scientific Name
Testudines Ursidae
50 years
Conservation Status
Whilst not endangered, a few places have started to question if this species is sentient or not and the implications of that if they are.
Average Height
4 foot
Average Weight
Average Length
6 to 7 feet
Average Physique
Bulkly/muscular and strong.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark greens and browns in various patterns.


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