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Earthship Ark Home of the Starlost

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Date: 2833-7-29   The giant EARTHSHIP ARK, drifting through deep space over 800 years into the far future, its passengers the descendants of the last survivors of the dead planet Earth, locked in separate worlds, heading for destruction, unless these brave people can save THE STARLOST.   Earthship Ark is a huge generational starship which has been en route to a distant star for several centuries. The ship is made of many biospheres, each of which is a separate environment. The occupants of the biospheres are descendants of the original passengers, and in some cases they no longer know that they are on board a starship.   The Ark’s technological level is predominantly futuristic but some biospheres have a lower tech level. There are psionics but there is no magic. Characters are human or android.   Earthship Ark is the setting for an RPG campaign based on the television show The Starlost.

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