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A Mok Thanksgiving

Ookla the Mok sits down with you as the sun sets. He calls for a fire and you oblige him. You are famished. The Mok hugs you again, apparently thankful for what you have done for him. He opens a compartment in his storage container and turns on his translator.

You are overwhelmed for a moment, but you had to ask. "Ookla, it has been three days since we pulled you from that death pit. I thought you were upset at us or something."   Thundarr the Barbarian gave a deep laugh and assures you. "Ookla wasn't embarrassed or upset, friend. He is a Mok. You saved his life."   You scratch your head in confusion.   "What he means is that if you save a Mok from death, they devote the next meal they eat with you." the Princess Ariel comes out of the woods with some kindling and combustibles.   "A simple thanks, was all I thought..."   Thundarr and Ariel glance at each other, knowing what is about to transpire. Ariel pats you on the back, "Be ready for a mighty Mok's gratitude. He has been using these days preparing a reward for you."      
I have thought of good delights for you. I promise you will not feel hunger until another moon rises
— Siri (Ooklas voice adapter)
              The seven-foot sasquatch like humanoid lumbers off into the thickets, while you set up camp. You hear off in the distance the screeching of birds and loud thrashing of water from a nearby swamp hole. About an hour later, you have a decent fire blazing and plenty of kindling to keep it going for the night. Here comes your missing chef.   He sets up a large pan and some mahogany-colored flour and some slabs of meat.
Gatoroid or Caroc fry well for you. It is gamey, but smoke it enough, and it's terrific.
You watch in amazement as he prepares his delicacy. You write it all down to make sure you don't forget:   Caroc Strips
  • 2 lbs a Gator or Carocs - Croc Men meat, Sliced into strips.
  • Mesquite Flour or any flour you may have
  • Red Pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  Roll the gator in the flour and deep fry until golden brown.
  That was a hearty meal on such short notice, you thought to yourself. You had about six strips and Ookla, Ariel and Thundarr snacked on the remaining dozen. You get up to start looking for a suitable spot to sleep. Ookla grabs your arm.    

Mok Entree

That was an appetizer. Now for the main course, friend!
      A brings out a bag of marinated meat. Fetches water and brings it to boil. All the while, Ookla recites his recipes from his translator.   Woodchuck Stew
When preparing a Woodchuck to be cooked, the blood should be drained, entrails removed, and the remaining body cavity wiped clean. The meat should then be hung for 48 hours at which time it is ready to be skinned and cooked.
The meat of a Woodchuck is dark, but most find it to be mild and tender to the palate. It's not required that the meat be soaked, but still many people choose to soak overnight in salt water. It's necessary for you to remove the scent glands, known as kernels. There are 7-9 of them found in the small of the back and under the forearms. Older animals may require parboiling to soften the meat.
  • 1 Woodchuck
  • 2 Onions, sliced
  • ½ cup celery
  • Mesquite or any Flour
  • Vinegar and Water
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Cloves
Clean woodchuck; remove glands; cut into serving pieces. Soak overnight in a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar with the addition of one sliced onion and a little salt. Drain, wash and wipe. Parboil 20 minutes, drain and cover with fresh boiling water. Add one sliced onion, celery, a few cloves, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook until tender; thicken gravy with flour.
  Thundarr unleashed a burp while soaking up his portion with some of his hardtacks; Ariel burned her mouth a bit eating it up too quickly.  

Mok Desert

When you thought your dinner date was over, Ookla surprises you once more. He brings forth a prized container. You recognize the smell, and it is captivating. Apples! What a way to end the night. A deliciously sweet apple.
However, Ookla goes full five stars on you and describes the Moks prized dessert:     Deep-Fried Earthworms With Apple
Earthworms can be a high source of protein containing several dozen grams of protein per worm. Preparing earthworms involves boiling them for 15 minutes at least twice, soaking for 3-24 hours in the water, or milking the dirt from the worm's body with your hands. Worms are not bad tasting once cleaned but Princess Ariel says they are bitter. Drying the worms mellows the bitterness and also prevents them from popping when you fry them due to their 90% water content.
  • Chop apple into chunks.
  • Remove apples and roll in a mix of flour seasoned with honey, salt & pepper.
  • Then roll worms in the same flour mix.
  • Deep fry both in the same pan together.
  • Glaze with Honey when ready to eat
  You would have been content with the apple, but overall you cannot say you haven't eaten like this for a long, long time. You take the etiquette cues that Thundarr and Ariel gave and dig in. You eat like each meal is your last when a rescued Mok serves it. A full belly is a memorable event in these dire days, and Ookla made it all happen just because of a rope in a bottomless pit, Who would have thought Moks cooked anything?

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Cover image: The Settlement by Jake Rocheleau


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