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Earth Beyond the Curtain

April 7, 2020

Created by

Welcome to the long-hidden world of magic. Of fairies and wizards, of wars fought in secret places, of queens and revolutions we never knew. The places, the people, who may have once lived in our memories, before those memories were stolen from us.   That was how it was before the Curtain was ripped away in 2016. Before our worlds collided forevermore.   Now, four years later, we’re learning to live in harmony. But for us to live with them, we really ought to know who they are, what they are, what they’ve done.   That’s where I come in. You can call me Allie, Allie Grieb. I’m Romulus Dalianis’s girlfriend. He’s a fairy (the son of one of their Senators, an all around badass), I’m a human (working on my history and computer science degrees, WHOOPS those are totally different fields, not sorry at all), and we’re really out here trying our best. He’s kindly—very kindly—agreed to help me write these articles and build this website, and now that we’re stuck in quarantine with his family and my family in one house together (it’s not going badly at all, clearly, read our blog!), we’ve got plenty of time and motivation. We’re hoping that this be one of many bridges between the Earth we used to know and the Earth that really is.   So come over the bridge, into the world that was always behind you, though you never knew it.