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The Upper Class

The upper class are descended from the grand families who supported the first Emperor in his dream. Despite the luxuries, the wealthy are still restricted. Aside from the IAN, upper class people are confined to the city. Their diet is better. Men usually go on to work as administrators or officers in the IAN. A few train as physicians, to attend to other rich folks, or vicars. Most don’t work at all leading a life of leisure. Upper class women are expected not to work. They might be permitted a small hobby and may attend social functions and balls. They may even have an allowance, to spend in the trade blocks. But women are generally encouraged to stay at home.


Major language groups and dialects


Common Etiquette rules

Upper class Neovictorian society is governed by strict social rules. Appearances are everything, manners should be adhered to and vulgarity is to be avoided. Many topics are considered not fit for polite discussion. There is an accepted order to the day, and it is expected that the household is presentable and acts with decorum at all times. People do gossip, but they are careful with whom they gossip (and don’t do it in front of the servants).
Children are expected to be seen and not heard, and sparing the rod is said to spoil the child.

Common Taboos


Historical figures

King Victor I


Gender Ideals

Neo Victorians are an unfortunatly gender biased lot, Men should be stowick, unflappable, strong and the providers for their household. Women should be demure, obediant and consern themselves with house keeping and raising the children. This attitude is less preverlent among the poor and their are plenty who buck these traditions.

Parent ethnicities
Diverged ethnicities
Related Organizations

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