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Alexander Orlovsky's Announcement

Alexander Orlovsky's Announcement was a public declaration given by Alexander Orlovsky during the Siberian Revolution. In it, Orlovsky laid out the goals of the newly-formed Siberian Independent Republic, their struggle against the Russian Federation, and called for aid from around the world. Although only a few paragraphs long, the announcement has become a national icon in Siberia, and represents everything the nation has struggled to become.

The announcement begins by laying out the crimes that Russia had committed against the Siberian people, mainly murder and oppression. Orlovsky details the events in his home city of Omsk that led him to defect to the Siberian Republic, where FSB agents executed many of the city's leaders on trumped-up charges of treason. After this, Orlovsky decries the decrepit political system of the Russian Federation, which he claims is built on a culture of lying and deceit. Instead, he argues, the Siberian Republic should be a nation of openness and tolerance, referencing speeches by other freedom fighters and politicians during this section. In the final part of his announcement, Orlovsky turns his attention to the outside world, namely the United States of America and the People's Republic of China. He calls upon them and their allies to support Siberia, as they had supported Ukraine in the years prior.

The announcement quickly spread across the world in text, audio, and video form, and is considered one of the most famous speeches of the 21st century.
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