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King Rolland II the Colossus

King Rolland II Jakob Redspire (a.k.a. The Colossus)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

King Rolland II is a tall man and quite fit for his age. In His younger days he was known for his great strength and dashing looks. He now suffers from gout however still remains quite the presence in public and many woman of all ages still idealize him.

Body Features

The King is a tall, well built man. He has a full head of hair and a beard to accompany it. His majesty used to be a magnificent redhead but since age has caught up to him and His hair and body hair is grey'ed or white. His torso and arms are still well built from his constant sword training however a gut has formed on Him, which was followed by gout.

Facial Features

The king, as displayed on his portrait has a beard and mustache and quite the striking feature, further empowered by the cut in his eye.

Identifying Characteristics

The King has a scar on his left eye from the Battle of Brehm which was inflicted by Arturus of the East, a knight of great distinction on Eritria; two more wounds on his chest, one a slash from his early days in battle and another a arrow wound from the Siege of False prophet. His last wound is on His right leg and is not know to public for its from a recent sword training in which His Majesty pushed His sword master to fight too aggressively for both their ages.

Physical quirks

The King's dominant hand is the right, for so it was made by sword and shield. He is known to gnash his teeth when unhappy and to play with his mustache when pleased. He has gained a slight limp from the gout and wounds, however his posture remains regal.

Apparel & Accessories

His Majesty's preferred style is a simple brown coat with few gold embroidment and simple combat pants with boots. However in public events he wears His display armour and greatsword joined by His crown.

Specialized Equipment

His armour, shield, crossbow and greatsword are trully unique, being each an item of wonder and amazement of the masses.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





King Rolland II was educated in accord to Royal traditions. Beginning at the age of 8 he choose to focus on his military education and training, being officially integrated in the Royal Guard at the age of 10. However he is well educated in economics and politics due to experience and is considered a great leader.


Being the first born of King Aymer the Phantom, Prince Rolland was raised to reign. King Aymer died in the year 793, and since Rolland was under the age of 16 his mother was made regent. In the year 800 Rolland was coronated, being since known as King Rolland II. The coronation was a massive celebration for it celebrated a new king and the beggining of a new Age.

Accomplishments & Achievements

King Rolland II, is known for many feats, being most wondrous the following: the construction of the wall, known as The Enclosure that surrounds the entire city, and protects all its citizens from bandits and invasion; The Battle of Brehm, in which He lead the 15 000 troops in a decisive victory against the Cricea Empire. This victory regained many territory for the kingdom and brought an age of prosperity for the people for now they had enough fields to grow and feed on; The Siege of the False Prophet, a surprise attack lead by Johanus The False Prophet who fooled kings and citizens of the North alike, prophesying that if they were to control the passage by the valley, riding it of infidels and heretics, the long dead empire would be reborn and with it prosperity like that of Raynoldus The Fearless. The siege lasted 241 days, however due to the Enclosure the city was never penetrated, and thanks to the terrains to the south gained in the Battle of Brehm the people never saw hunger. By the end of the Siege the attacking forces were so weak, hungry and demoralized from the constant trebuchet fire and incapability to enter the city, that when Johanus came to see them wearing golden robes and a royal sized belly telling them that there was no more food coming yet they should continue the siege the army revolted against him and his Holy Knights, resulting in an estimated 7 800 insurgents dead just outside the walls. The body and wears of Johanus were never found.

Failures & Embarrassments

His majesty has had a lucky life with very few embarrassments or failures, however He does regret the lost of His shield bearer and blames Himself and the Giants for it. One believed embarrassment, but never truly said or shown are His sons for they fell too deeply in their mother's habits and are too pompous for His liking. A suspected regret of the King is the fact that He never mastered the bow and has given into using a crossbow.

Mental Trauma

He suffers from slight Post Traumatic Stress disorder from his battles, mostly the Battle of Brehm. He still suffers at the los of his best mate and shield bearer in the battle. He has a fear of heights and for it has never climbed the cliffs of the Valley.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is not the smartest men or most intellectual but many years on the throne have given Him great wisdom and some understanding on commerce and politics. He is quite capable with his hands and a true master in combat, training since the age of 8, making his spacial awareness wondrous and his ability to predict uncanny.

Morality & Philosophy

The King beliefs in that good flourishes good and as always worked towards making the people of His Kingdom the happiest He can. Despite this His Majesty has no troubles with war and shedding blood in order to defend those He loves and must protect.


The king has a known hatred against Giants and a dislike towards Orcs. This is due to many of his battles being against such creatures, and he personally blames Giants for the loss of his best mate in the Battle of Brehm. The king since the Battle has slayed or ordered the killing of Giants within the Kingdom, giving massive rewards for their heads. He is also a bit homophobic.

Personality Characteristics


It is believed the King is motivated by His desire to modernize and further expand the Kingdom. He does follow traditions but unlike former Kings He is quite close to the people and His actions have shown to reflect the desires of the people.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A master with the sword and shield, great tactician and cunning as hawk. He is incapable of using the bow and has resorted to using a crossbow instead.

Likes & Dislikes

He has a likeness for hunting and good wine but also for combat. He dislikes indulging in riches and court music.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is known to be as kind and caring as one can be and quite the good story teller. Beyond that the King can write, and his terrible cunning when playing games or commanding the battlefield.

Vices & Personality flaws

Has any member of nobility the King has a taste for quality wine. As for flaws, His Majesty believes in duels and that one only truly ends when the opponent is dead (this applies to combat as well).

Personality Quirks

As referred before the King has a habit of gnashing His teeth when angry and playing with His mustache when happy.


His hygiene is in accord to Royal Standards. Check them for more information.


Family Ties

Son of King Aymer and Queen Rosalind. Husband to Queen Lucille and father to Prince Harold, descendant to the throne, prince Davis and Princess Camilla; Grandfather to Prince Alistair, son of Prince Harold

Wealth & Financial state

Being the King of one of the most affluent Kingdoms within the world, Roland was never troubled with finances. Despite that, in part from his military upbringing, Rolland was never given to indulge in riches and has not a vein of pompous in his body. He does indulge in good eating and some military decorations from his achievements, but that is his limit in display of wealth.   Note: The same cannot be said about his wife and children.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Cadegary; Commander of the Royal Guard; Victor of the Battle Brehm; Constructor of the Enclosure; Lorde of the Valley
Year of Birth
784 Protect 67 Years old
Royal Palace, Wrun Valley, Kingdom of Cadegary
Current Residence
Royal Palace, Wrun Valley, Kingdom of Cadegary
Short straight Grey hair, formerly Red
1,83 m
87 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Famous War Cry: "Let the crows feast tonight!" Famous Motto: "Progress through wisdom." Famous Quote: "Better to fight for something than live for nothing."
Known Languages
Ruled Locations

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