Ghynzuan Toys

Spinning Top

A spinning top is a toy designed to spin rapidly on a horizontal surface. The spinning causes it to remain precisely balanced on its tip. It is a popular toy amongst children worldwide. In Ghynzua they are usually made of wood, but there are tops with a metal tip as well. They come in various colors and decorations can range from simple to intricate.  

Butterfly Cape

As the name suggests this is a cape that looks like two butterfly wings. With straps it is attached to the torso and wrists of the child wearing the cape. They come in a multitude of designs. Some based on real butterflies, others sprung from pure imagination.  

Stigy on Wheels

A popular toy for toddlers is the stigy on wheels. It is a vehicle toy designed in such a way that the toddler can sit on the back of the wooden stigy. Often there are handles for the child to hold on to. Most stigy on wheels take the rapid growth of small children into account. A one year old might still be too small to reach the ground with its feet and move the toy on its own. Therefor a detachable stick is attached to the back so an adult can push and ride the toddler around. Once the child is old enough to use its feet to ride itself around this stick will be removed.  


A beanbag is a sealed bag filled with dry beans. They are used to play various catch games like witches cauldron, hot dumpling and dodge bag. Catch games are a great way for a child to develop dexterity, coordination and confidence.
This article is a work in progress. New toys will be added in the future.


Author's Notes

This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the following prompts:
Day 24: Dizzy
Day 27: Coat
Day 28: Ride
Day 30: Catch

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