Article Layout

Summer Camp 2021 - Homework 2

I sometimes start an article with a quote. It really depends on if I feel it fits.
— Me
All my articles start with a brief introduction about the subject of the article. It basically explains what/who it is. Not every article is very long though, so you can find articles on my world which have only this introduction and a short sidebar.

Main Header

What the main headers say depends on the article type (building, settlement, etc.). Examples of main headers: History, Architecture, Career, Training, Cause, Symptoms, etc .


I use subheadings to divide the text into easier to read portions.


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Main Header

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Main header

Quotes can be found throughout the article. Certainly with longer articles it is nice to have some quotes. They can give a really nice and fun (or creepy) insight into the subject of the article. I also like to always use the author part of the quotebox, even if the author is unknown. I feel like it adds to the immersion because you can mention the person who said the quote or the document/book it came from. It adds depth.
— Me
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Depending on the article type and subject of the article some basic info can be found here. For example:

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Forgotten Catacombs


I use the sidebar for images, and for anything that might need some explaining and did not fit into the main part of the article.
I might also add shorter quotes.
— Me


I try to keep these sections short and like to use images or quotes to divide the different sidepanel containers. I also like to try and have both the main part of the article and sidebar at the same length.

Custom Templates

This article layout is what I am most familiar with. I am however trying to play a little bit more with new ways of layout. My plan is to eventually make several new custom article templates which should make it easier for me in the future.


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