Vertiix the Frozen

Senior Sailor Vertiix Vagbound (a.k.a. Verti)

Why do you care so much about this dwarf? He's dead.

Day 28: Logbook entry by Eofond, Ship's master

This has been an unusual day. One hour before the sun was at it's zenith one of the sailors noticed ice, actual ice, forming around the bow. The ice continued to grow, no matter how hard we tried to chop it off.   At the zenith Amber gave successful birth, naming the child "Vertiix", after which the ice stopped growing and instead melted away quickly. Many in the crew suspect that the child is cursed and should be handed over to authorities. I am inclined to believe my crew on this one.

Letter of farewell

All these years I've tried to make alchemy interesting for you, but I've failed. It has taken a long time for me to realized that you are not to be bound in a lab, but instead you ought to be free, to go out in the world as you always wanted to. Should you get hurt, remember that the potion I've given you will heal wounds. Take care of yourself.

Letter of Promotion

Herby the dwarf Vertiix Vagbound is promoted to rank of Senior Sailor.

My dear Verti

I understand your feelings, but I cannot be with you until next week.   Hugs and kisses.


Vertiix has been found innocent in the barfight yesterday evening.

Report to General Frili

As per orders all villages along the allocated coast have been destroyed, leaving only rubble. All villagers are being relocated. They should arrive in 3 days time.   Among these villagers was one "Vertiix". He should be of particular interest to you, as a formar sailor.

Day 7: Logbook entry by Chenrey, Captain

This beutiful ship, "Spirit of Utopia", has sprung a small leak due to rusty bolts. Must have a serious word when we dock at that city again.   The dwarf, Vertiix, we hired in the last port has been a great addition to our team. He's a relentless worker, even if downtrodden by his recent life. Suspect that he enjoys being on a ship again.

Day 42: Logbook entry by Chenrey, Captain

Tragic day.   Everything was normal until the ship shook once. At first I thought that we must have hit a sandbank, but that turned out to be false. A creature that seemed to be made out of water climed up the starboard hull. Never seen anything like it. All crewmembers kept some distance away from this monster. All but Verti. He seemed to be enthralled by the watery body and he walked closer, ignoring advice and command. Once he was close to the monster, it moved around him, engulfing Verti.   One crewmember claims that he saw Verti calmly mouth the words "Oh no. Not again." before he started screaming and thrashing inside the monsters body until he ran out of air and breathed in the monsters watery body. I've lost a few crewmembers at sea before, but seing how Verti struggled made me feel for all that are lost at sea. Not that the monster stopped at killing one of my crew. 4 more lost their life before the monster slowed down, freezing from Verti's body outward. I do not know if this was of Verti's doing, but it stopped the attack and I'm forever grateful. I know that we should have hacked Verti out of the monsters body, but noone wanted anything to do with it, so we threw the solid ice-block overboard and turned south, away from the current. The ice-block went out of view after one hour.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Remembering his true nature in his final moments.


Family Ties

11 siblings
3551 BC 3342 BC 209 years old
Deep blue eyes, reminiscent of a calm sea
Brown hair, length down to his shoulders
Quotes & Catchphrases
Oh no. Not again.
Known Languages
Common Dwarvish


Author's Notes


This is a continuation to the following work: Verti the Vagabond that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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