The noblest of mounts does not serve me. I serve her just as much as she serves me.

  • Only recorded account of a Pegasus rider.
  • The Pegasus is a rare creature from the plain of air, where it acts as transportation and messengers between the various elementals. Some move to the prime material plane in order to breed in peace, or at least more piece then on the plane of air.

    Due to their rarity, speed and mobility they are sought after as mounts by many species, but Humans in particular.

    What many don't realise is that the Pegasi are really intelligent beings that loathe being treated as animals, which makes then impossible to domesticate. The only way for a humanoid to ride a Pegasus, is to persuade them that the humanoid is worthy, which usually takes a very long time, assuming a Pegasus can be found in the first place.

    Those that have bonded with a Pegasus live out the rest of their life by their side. Since this is a long-term mutual relationship, the humanoid usually develops feelings beyond friendship. This is especially noticeable if the Pegasus dies, since the emotional response by the humanoid is similar to when someone looses a lover.

    Basic Information

    Ecology and Habitats

    As with many flying creatures, pegasi search out heights to make their nests. Preferably they are located on or near mountain tops. While nesting Pegasi are very territorial, attacking almost any creature that comes too close for comfort.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    Pegasi are herbivores and consume most plants that they can find, be it grass or fruits. When it comes to drinking, only crystal clear water will do for a Pegasus.


    Large celestial, chaotic good
    Armor Class 12
    Hit Points 59 ( 7d10+21 )
    Speed 60ft Fly: 90ft

    18 +4
    15 +2
    16 +3
    10 0
    15 +2
    13 +1

    Saving Throws Dex +4 , Wis +4 , Cha +3
    Skills Perception +6
    Senses passive Perception 16
    Languages understands Celestial, Common, Elvish, and Sylvan but can't speak
    Challenge 2


    Hooves. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 11 ( 2d6+4 ) bludgeoning damage.



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