Loss of Memory

Recall my name once I've left, I wish not to be forgotten.
— Memory Lorella


As Kanell was surrounded by a large army of giant stone golems the town leaders cried out to the population if there was not one brave soul who would be able to get past the army in order to get help from the mage living in a city far away.

A voice spoke up. The voice belonged to a woman named Memory, who claimed that she'd be the one to get help.

In the dead of night Memory crawled through the hidden exits of the town, while her mother sat with tears in her eyes, remembering her daughters final words.

Recalling every little bush, Memory managed to sneak past the army, almost getting caught multiple times.

Even so, the threat was not over, for the monsters in the swamp could not be sneaked past. Memory overcame this threat by knowing what the monsters wanted and loured them away from her path.

Arriving at the mage tower, Memory wasted no time persuading the mage to come and help.

They traveled back, but when they arrived the mage told Memory that he'd need some time to prepare, during which Memory would have to protect him from the golems.

Without complaint Memory did so by recalling the training she received as a kid, bringing down a golem that attacked them.

Then came another, and another until Memory was overwhelmed, but her sacrifice was not in vain, as she had given the mage the time he needed to cast a spell that made every stone golem crumble to dust.

So whenever we need a thought from the past all we need to do is to recall her name and she will come in aid. Her name is Memory.

Historical Basis

The myth came from the struggle of Kanell, where the inhabitants of the town Kanell had serious issues with its stone golems, which had gone out of order and started attacking anyone who was near the town, instead of only enemy armies.

The magic wielders in Kanell did not have the expertise to turn the golems off, and so someone had to be sent past them and to the next city, where a more experienced wizard could be found.

Ten people from the town guard volunteered, among which was Memory Lorella, to sneak past the golems and to the city.

They went in different directions from the town. Memory went through the swamp, which turned out to be the fastest route, since she arrived at the city three days before the next messenger.

However, Memory caught a sickness from the swamp, which killed her before the wizard and her could arrive back at Kanell.

The wizard turned the golems off so they could be fixed later and handed over Memory's body to her family.

The myth started spreading ten years later when the story about how Memory saved the town was exaggerated in an official statement commemorating those who lost their life during the event.


While the legend never spread far beyond the continent in which it spawned, the consequence of adding "memory" to the common language at the time cannot be understated.

Cultural Reception

After about a century the name "Memory" had gotten meaning in the common language. Specifically, "memory" got the definition "recalling someones name or recalling thoughts" in the common tongue.

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First off, I would recommend writing excerpts on both Kanell and Memory herself, so that there are tooltips in place. Right now I have to click on Kanell to get an idea of what kind of place it is and why there was a conflict there.   The whole article feels a bit rushed somehow. Like you were in a hurry to get to the end. It's particularly noticeable with Memory's escape. You mention 10 people being sent out, but we learn nothing about the other 10. What happened to them? Did they all make it?   In addition, Memory's illness. What happened to her? What illness claimed her life so fast? How did she contract it, how did she struggle? Did she get any care at all? Why was that care not successful?

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