Law mage

You know something serious has happened if more than one shows up.

Law mages are some of the most privelaged law enforcement people in the lands, being responsible for a large area and population.

Their precense is often met with suspicion, mostly thanks to rumours being spread by those outside of the law as a way to discredit them and to make their work more difficult.

Given time most recognise that their job is importnant and that they are a needed part in society.


In order to become a lawmage one must be able to cast spells related to law enforcement, such as hold person, and investigation, such as zone of truth. It is also a requirement that the regional laws are known to the letter.


As a law mage the duties are primarely to investigate crimes, but also to act as adjudicators, particularely in rural areas.

If the local ruler is unable to hold court it is up to a law mage to fill their seat until such a time that the ruler can take up their duty again.


A law mage is entiteled to lodging in all villages, paid for by the ruler.

Accoutrements & Equipment

All law mages must be wearing a badge of their station as well as a cape with the crest of the ruler they serve.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As it is a position with significant sway the terms of loosing the right to be a law mage are rather fine. Among the things that can make one loose their status are bribery, addiction, and misdemeanors.

Reports about abuse of power are normally taken seriously, with exceptions happening in isolated parts of the land where the reports can be intercepted.

Magical, Professional
Source of Authority
Regional ruler
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