Hammer throwing


It has been a long standing tradition for blacksmith apprentices who finally leave their master to receive a good quality hammer from said master. The hammer throwing sport developed out of the parties when the new masters would get drunk and start swinging their hammers around.

Since they're drunk a hammer would inevitably slip from the fingers and fly through the air. Furthermore, these parties quickly turned into indoor hammer throwing sessions, until the landlord took action and threw everyone out. The hammer throwing would then continue outside.

Hammer trowing developed slowly as a sport, since the rules would differ from town to town. As travel increased, the rules started to become more homogenous across the continent.


The rules are very simple:

  • Find an open field or a beach.
  • Take a hammer with you.
  • Make sure that you have a continuous clear shot in half of your surroundings
  • Throw the hammer 5 times and add up the total distance.
  • If the hammer flies into or near spectators, the throw counts negatively towards the total.
  • The winner is the one who can trow the hammer the furthest.

Components and tools

What you need for this sport is an open field and a hammer. Any kind is acceptable, but sledge hammers have become common.


It used to be that only blacksmiths would participate, but in recent years the sport has also become very popular in the publics eye, which has drastically increased the amount and diversity of participants. Now anyone who can throw a hammer may participate.


Large tournaments are held on set dates, usually during spring, but it's not uncommon for a few people to meet at random times during the year in order to have some fun.


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