Blue fly

Yes, I understand the belief, but is there any proof of the luck that this fly is said to provide?

- A scribe to a sage

The concept of luck is unproven, yet very popular. Some try to improve their luck with a rabbit foot, while others seek tree tops where the blue fly lives.

The common myth is that if a blue fly lands on your head and stays there for a while, you will have a bit of good luck, usually in the form of avoiding bad luck (stepping on nail, slipping, etc.).

Where there is good luck there is usually bad luck somewhere to be found. With the blue fly, the bad luck happens if you kill one, be it by accident or on purpose. These myths have unknown origin, due to their old age.

Due to perception of it as a sign of luck, especially good luck, the fly is often depicted in a variety of situations ranging from businesses to sports and gambling.

The depictions are mostly painted, but some goldsmiths and wood workers are selling highly detailed versions of the blue fly in various materials and forms, be it as a brooch or as a statue. These works of art can most be found in the northern parts of Auwan, but they are getting more common further north.

One particularly expensive brooch sold for 350 gold pieces. It has a big sapphire at it's centre and other sapphires in various shades of blue to complete the shape and wings made out of the finest of silk.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The fly lives in tree tops, which makes them rare in urban areas.

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