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Luhu Dropclear

Luhu Dropclear is a young female dragon who lives mainly in Bìgoqǐri̋í, the Emerald Lake on the island of Milúúlùhû. Ever since she was a child she has had visions that later came true. Since it is not yet known whether there has ever been another dragon with similar abilities, Luhu is something very special.

"Believe in you and recognize the best in yourself."

The dragon is very caring and, unlike many other water dragons, extremely humble, dutiful and never demands recognition for it. Despite her ability, she was never shunned by other dragons and considered an oddball. She is a good listener and many Elaqitans around her share their innermost feelings with her, which she always keeps confidential. She gives advice very tactfully and respectfully.

However, due to her good nature, she is easily taken advantage of as she tries to help anyone who asks for help. In doing so, she often neglects her own desires or suppresses her often strong feelings and negative feelings, so that the outside world is confronted with unforeseen and uncontrolled outbursts of anger.

by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney

Physical characteristics

Name: only she knows the real name, the outside world knows her as Luhu Dropclear, The Clairvoyant, The Three-Faced Scale
Species: Qíȕˈbībi - Waterdragon - Lakedragon
Length: 7,5 m
Weight: 3,5 t
Wingspan: 2 m
Skin/Segments: light blue scales with a slight turquoise and pearlescent sheen, orange slightly twisted horns and barbels, light blue wings on land
Eyes: strong, radiant dark turquoise, mother-of-pearl in visions
Age: 45 years (a young dragon in puberty)
Special features: clairvoyant abilities
Accessories: Collar with orange Lòirú stones
Attitude: caring, warm, patient
Location: Emerald Lake  


A gift from heaven and water

Nungal, the dragon hunter, saw the crystal egg at the bottom of the lake as he swam down. One of the locals had told him that sea dragons had been living here for centuries and after years of searching for all sorts of dragon objects, he finally wanted to enjoy his twilight years. But to do that he had to find one last treasure - the egg of a water dragon - as pure as the brightest crystal.

The egg lay between a pair of seaweed on the sandy bottom and the sun's rays tickling the surface of the lake made the egg sparkle. Nungal grabbed it and immediately swam up. Wherever there was an egg, the parents weren't far and he really had no desire to become their meal.

As Nungal entered the lake, a violent storm was already brewing on the horizon, which had now reached the lake after he had swum to shore. Lightning flashed across the surface of the water and the wind blew foamy waves onto the shore. The dragon hunter had to get out of here as quickly as possible. But then a dragon shot out of the lake and as it jumped, it turned its forelegs into wings and flew straight towards Nungal. Since the dragon rider knew that he could not escape the dragon despite his limited ability to fly, he held up his arm with the egg as if he wanted to appease the dragon.

The father flew over the hunter as a bolt of lightning erupted from the clouds and raced towards the dragon, whose scales were not yet completely dry and still had some water magic on them. Lightning struck the dragon and within seconds a deafening thunder followed. The light blue wings absorbed the power of the lightning and glowed with many blue electrifying sparks from the spinal cord to the tail. The dragon stumbled, but the end of its tail touched the egg and enveloped it in electrical energy until it spread through the hunter's hand into his body, knocking Nungal to the ground and the egg rolling to the ground.
  The dragon, seriously injured, fell on the hunter, who was already dead. With the last of his strength, the father took his unborn child into his mouth and crawled to the shore of the lake. He carefully let the egg slide back into the lake and succumbed to his serious injuries.
From a dream by Luhu Dropclear-
  • 2,655 AEC Born in Bìgoqǐri̋í on the island of Milúúlùhû
  • 2,658 AEC First Vision
  • 2,664 AEC Life Saving Predictions
  • 2,665 AEC Leaving the nest
  • 2,672 AEC Meeting with Míro, from the Qírīrī people and the beginning of a wonderful friendship
  • 2,689 AEC Getting to know other water dragon species
  • 2,693 AEC Admitted to the Water Dragon Council
  • 2,699 AEC Selection as one of the "Companions"

Important stages of her life

Luhu hatched in 2,655 before the founding of the Council from the very egg that was enveloped in the storm by lightning and her father's magic. But at that point, no one knew about what had happened that day, even though her mother later found her father dead on the shore of the lake and mourned him for weeks. Luhu's mother later said that her daughter often snuggled up to her to comfort her during her grief. Since this is very unusual for dragons, her mother recognized early on that Luhu was different from her siblings before.

Three years after her birth, while Luhu was eating with her mother, her body suddenly froze. She threw her head back and her eyes turned into brilliant pearls. Then she spoke in a deep, dark voice:

"When the sea swallows the earth,
the non-magical will create a new world for themselves."

After she awoke from the vision, her mother told her the long-ago legend of the flood over four thousand years ago that almost destroyed all of Elaqitan. However, she could not interpret the second part of the vision.

In the years to come, Luhu continued to have visions that concerned the past and immediate future in her environment and that turned out to be true. Slowly word spread that Luhu had the ability of the third eye. Many Elaqitanians who lived in or near the lake sought their help. However, prophecies cannot be forced. They come and go as they please. When Luhu was nine years old and sitting on the bank with some people seeking advice, she kept having visions that would change her life and save those of many others:

"On the day the moon obscures the sun, the mountains will tremble,
the meadows are torn in two and the chasm is filled with fire."

Many who knew the prophecy took precautions in case the worst came to pass. When a solar discovery occurred in the fall and a slumbering volcano in Bìgolooqűű, the emerald rock, erupted, there were many injured but hardly any deaths. Luhu became the savior of Milúúlùhû, which made her known beyond the lake and the island.   A year later, Luhu left her mother and joined Umi Pearlscale's pack, where she lived until 2,672 AEC. Then she met Míro, a dreamy Qírīrī, with whom she developed a deep and close friendship. The two are inseparable and have been exploring the waters of Elaqitan ever since. Luhu refers to the Qírīrī as her soulmate and she can often be seen with Míro sitting on her back, riding the waves with him.   Over the next 17 years, Luhu learned about all types of water dragons on her travels. Many dragons value their company and trust their advice. Typically, the Water Dragon Council consists only of experienced male dragons who are at least 100 years old. But in 2,693 AEC, Luhu was honored and elected to the Council of Water Dragons, which is certainly due to her extraordinary abilities and her completely different nature. Since then, she has worn a collar with three orange Lòirú stones, which further enhance her ability.   Before time was frozen in Elaqitan 2,699 AEC, Luhu had the following vision, which could foreshadow the events to come:
"If four sow darkness again,
three will bring about the overthrow of a kingdom."


This is what companions and friends say about Luhu's character strengths and weaknesses:

  • responsible
  • willing to sacrifice
  • gets things done without letting difficulties and obstacles stop you
  • is interested in the well-being of others
  • is loyal and unselfish
  • is an emotional supporter
  • high spatial imagination
  • Eye for details that remain hidden to others
  • loves order
  • excellent memory

  • Negative
  • poor assertiveness
  • taciturn
  • vulnerable to fraud and manipulation
  • can't say no
  • likes to avoid difficult conversations with criticism or in crisis situations
  • is not very flexible
  • suppresses one's own sensations and feelings, which leads to uncontrolled outbursts of anger
  • has problems with other people's opinions


    In response to Basic Dragon's unofficial challenge

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    Thank you. At this moment I don't know yet how her story will develop as part of the project, but she will have to step out of her comfort zone and deal with some conflicts, which she would actually much rather avoid and I hope that this will lead to more assertiveness in the end.

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