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Dragonía is a bronze age fantasy world I've been working on for over a decade, consisting of a massive continent and some nearby islands, surrounded by a vast ocean that reaches to the world's edge. It's home to many different sapient species and cultures, some isolated, others with widespread influence throughout the world. The northern, eastern and northwestern regions of the world are mostly populated by various Elakic people (including the closest equivalent to humans in Dragonía) or Knárs (a sort of bighorn/argali centaurs), the southern regions by Gobíls (carnivorous, green-skinned humanoids) and Minotaurs, while Kroks (peaceful, reptilian folk) are common to the west.   There are no horses or other beasts of burden, the wheel is yet to be discovered, and the use of iron is limited due to its rarity. Magic is ubiquitous, but its use is limited to small groups of mages and shamans, who have survived after drinking a special brew that alters how their body handles magic.   Although religion, mythology and, to lesser extend, ancestor veneration are a common elements in Dragonían cultures, actual higher powers and afterlife are absent from that world.

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