Prologue II: The Investigation Report

General Summary

Waylen questioned the Lord. The Lord told him that a family heirloom of great sentimental value was stolen along with some gold. The Lord says he is the only one with a key to the chest, but the servants had keys to most of the estate, including his office. Waylen investigated the estate and questioned the Butler Ribbles. Ribbles informed him that the estate is rarely locked as there is always a presence. Waylen led on to Ribbles that he was the only suspect at the moment. In a moment of panic, Ribbles suggested that there was one other that Waylen may want to question. Waylen summoned Dante. Waylen questioned Dante. Waylen investigated the other entrances to the estate. Waylen discovered that the Lord balcony was most likely the point of entry, but could not find any traces that the wall was climbed. Dante assisted by flying over the area, revealing that perhaps an individual may have flew up, explaining the lack of evidence. Dante met up with Alric. Waylen explained his current theory to Alric in front of Dante. Waylen said the report would most likely implicate the Butler. Dante, obviously distraught by this, tried to allay suspicion of Ribbles. When unsuccessful he left to say his goodbyes to Ribbles. When alone, Waylen and Alric compared notes. Alric shared that the Lord was heard shouting about something regarding the outer gates by the Trollyard. Alric pressed Waylen, asking why he was so keen on implicating the butler. Waylen explained that he did not actually believe that it was the Butler, but he did think the Butler was involved some how. His two working theories were that the Lord misplaced the journal and couldn't keep track of his money, or that Dante stole it, neither of which he wanted to put in the report. Waylen suggested they head to the the Yawning Portal to validate Dante's alibi.   The the Yawning portal, Waylen questioned his hold friend Rotgut Shatterarm. Waylen learned that Dante was at the Yawning portal last night, and spend a large sum of money. He also learned that Waylen was accompanied by a blue skinned, white haired man.   At the estate, Alric had indicated that there were rumors that the Harpers had taken an interested in the Lord. Waylen, now had a third working theory: the theft was at the behest of the Harpers, and that the stolen book was a ledger or some other sort of incriminating evidence rather than a lost family heirloom. Alric suggested that sometimes, details can be left from a report and not every crime is solved in Waterdeep. Alric said he would head back to the barracks and complete the report indicating that an unknown party most likely entered the estate and stole the gold and heirloom.   Waylen, unable to let the mystery go, sent a coded message to Dante letting him know that he no longer suspected the Butler, but that he now suspected Dante. Waylen continued to the The Goliaths Bed on a hunch that the unknown parties may have also spread their new fortune there also. Meanwhile, Dante prepared to deal with the threat of Waylen and headed to the barracks to locate Waylen. Dante ran into the Alric who informed him that Waylen was last seen headed to the docks district.   Waylen stopped for some lunch at the Goliath's bed. While there he tended to any of the staff medical and mending needs. Dante arrived shortly after. Dante moved swiftly and silently to the back room, when he noticed Waylen was there. Waylen staired down Dante as Dante slunk through the center of the tavern in plain sight.   Once in the back room, Dante explained he was in some trouble to Valerie. He was hoping Valerie could provide him that a potion that would my the Waylen forget is most recent memories. Valerie hand him a heavy glass wine jug and informed him that a swift strike to the back of the head should do the trick.   Having finished his meal, Waylen headed towards that back to confront Dante. One the way he ran in to Cassandra. He used his tinkerer skills to add sound to Cassandra's mechanical hummingbird toy, something he does often for Cassandra when he visits. Dante witnessed this interaction as he was heading back out. At this point Waylen also noticed Dante. To two confronted each other in the back hallway. Agreeing to parle, the tow entered a back room. Dante came clean and shared additional information on what really happened. Waylen indicated that this solved his personal curiosity, however he was still very interested in what was in the Journal.  Dante shared the ransom note he left for the book.  Waylen, concerned that Dante's practical joke may get an innocent killed in the Trollyards, headed that way to assess the situation.  Dante accompanied him.     At the Trollyards, Waylen spotted a suspicious carriage waiting by the gate.  Waylen knocked on the carriage door which opened to reveal Lord Margaster inside.  Waylen shared some off the books information with the Lord.  Including that the Harpers may have taken an interest in him.  Waylen suggested he should maybe let the City Watch handle this.  Lord Margaster, impressed by the investigators delicate handling of the situation, returned to his estate.     Dante, who was hiding during Waylen's discussions with his father, assisted Waylen in locating the 500 Gold.  Dante attempted to persuade Waylen to give the money to those at The Goliath's Bed.  Waylen explained that there was no legal means for him so do so, but he could confiscate it and bring it to the City Watch, minus a couple gold.    Waylen used the skimmed gold from the ransom to treat him and Dante to some entertainment at The Goliath's bed.  Dante shared his ideas on creating an adventuring party.
Dragon Heist Campaign Setting Campaign
Dante Margaster
Waylon Sprivit
Report Date
14 May 2022