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Dragon Heist Campaign Setting Campaign

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Dragon Heist Campaign Setting
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Supporting Cast
  • Cassandra Margaster
  • Colmar Agisl
    Male Human Guard Captain. Colmar is a middle aged human that has red hair that is beginning to show some silver. He has brown eyes and numerous, distinctive scars that run their course along his face and exposed skin. He isn't completely out of shape, but age and working a desk job has taken its toll on his once battle-ready body. He wears a breastplate and a audacious, plumed hat and he wields a silver halberd etched with small runes of thunder.
  • Lord Godfrey Margaster
    A cold mountain of a man always on the lookout for the fastest track to power. While he holds a special hatred for Dante, he despises all of his children to one degree or another and intends to outlive them all. For a quick summary of looks and personality, think of a giant bearded Lucius Malfoy without Voldemort to hold him back.
  • Huanacoyo
    Huanacoyo is a lithe, muscled lizardfolk that has stormy gray scales, one large central horn on his head, muddled green eyes, and shark-like teeth. He wears modest garments and numerous silver rings. Carries a silvered greatclub emblazoned with the symbol of Valkur, god of sailors and storms.
  • Irdinhalyr "Irdy" Robelard
    A handsome face and a dashing wardrobe goes a long way to bolster his business, and he doesn't hesitate to take advantage of both. He is a middle son from the Robelard clan of textile merchants out of Baldur's Gate, in Waterdeep to make a name for himself out of his family's shadow.
  • Lena
    kind, brave and charming

Sessions Archive

28th May 2022

Session 2

14th May 2022

Prologue III: Auditions

13th May 2022

Prologue II: The Investigation

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6th May 2022

Prologue I: The Job

How Rainer met Dante

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The Protagonists



Rainier Cloudburst

Dante Margaster

Waylon Sprivit