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The Last Chance

The Last Chance is a small settlement on the South-Western edge of the Wylde Woode. It serves as the largest distribution center for Lightsharpe, which is found and harvested at the Lightsharpe field. By far, production, packaging, and shipping Lightsharpe is the largest industy at The Last Chance. Multiple commerical laboratories exist in The last Chance to study Lightsharpe for increased production,synthesization, and other (some unreputable) operations involving Lightsharpe.

It is also a place known as the supply station and for the last dozen or so commercial expeditions into the Wylde Woode. The launch of these expeditions from The Last Chance was also the final time these expeditions or any member of them was ever heard from again.


The Last Chance is a melting pot of various hertages and ancestries primarily employed by either LS Pharmacologies aor Catur Industries, mostly source from immigration. Many inhabitants born in The Last Chance migrate far and wide to pursue interests beyond working for the two primary employers since so few other opportunities exist.


The local government is small and controlled by executives of LS Pharmacologies to keep business taxes low, at least for its medical business specialty. An even smaller law enforcement office exists, known for ignoring business violations and business laws that the government has been unable to overturn. Corruption is rampant in both the government and law enforcement ranks thus enabling unscrupulous "medical" firms to obtain Lightsharpe (or some semblance thereof) for fake medicines. LS Pharmacolgies is constantly under suspicion of artificially controlling Lightsharpe production to support higher profits to the company.

Industry & Trade

Dry good manufacture and packaging was significant when expeditions into the Wylde Woode were more common. Many of these businesses have collapsed or moved. Two businesses remain from those frenetic days: 1) Ls Pahrmacollogies, which specializes in the maufacture and distribution of Lightsharpe for wholesale a retail ssales through various subsidiaries under multiple brand names, and 2) Catur Industries, which manufactures tarps, wagon covers, tents and a other outdoor weather resistant needs for cloth, except clothing.


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