Lightsharpe is a tree sap used in medical applications as a potent analagesic and anti-inflammatory. It can be found in small and rare patches near the south-western border of the Wylde Woode. Attempts to cultivate it for commercial use have failed. Attempts to dilute or synthesize Lightsharpe including synthesization have only resulted in false concoctions often created and sold by con artists selling false hopes to those in need of its effects. These con artists often substitute or combine more common and less effective ingredients with Lightsharpe, rendering the Lightsharpe contained useless, and the resulting concontion only as effective as the other ingredients used. Because these products contain even minimal concentrations of Lightsharpe can legitamately and legally use the presence of Litghtsharpe to promote these products and charge higher prices than otherwise be obtained if theLIghtsharpe were not present.



No effective compounds can be made using Lightsharpe, it must be used in its pure form.

Geology & Geography

Found in patches along the Eastern border of the Wylde Woode. Tales exist that much larger groves of the Lightsharpe tree can be found within the Wylde Woode, but no expedition has ever returned from attempts to do so.

Life & Expiration

Properly prepared Lightsharpe has a long shelf life known to be longer than two years. No data supports a longer shelf life, but that is primarily due to demand and usage far outstrips its avaialbility. Raw, unprocessed Lightsharpe is very vulnerable to expiration and is never transported far from its harvest site. Processing via distillation to remove natural impurities is the only successful method of preparing Lightsharpe for medical use.

History & Usage

Everyday use

LIghtsharpe is an orally administered analagesic and anti-inflammatory drug.


Trade & Market

Lightsharpe is available in most settlements on the continent of Karinshae. Trade is heavily regulated to avoid price gouging, keeping the drug available and affordable and restricting export.
While not considered rare, LightSharpe is uncommon on the continent of Karinshae and completely unknown in other parts of the world .
Lightsharpe has a slight sulphur like taste, but any attempts to flavor it for palatability have met with failure, rendering the Lightsharpe useless.


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