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The Cold Springs of Garin Resort

The Garin Resort is located southeast of The Wylde Woode near the town of Garinshire. Garinshire is trade hub for goods, services, and an intermediate destination for those visiting the Garin Resort.


The resort resides in a small forest on a slightly rolling hillside that is not considered part of the Wylde Woode. A valley on the north side of the resort contains a fresh water lake that is well suited to fishing and accompanying services offered by the resort.

Aside from vacation/touring amenties, a hospital and rehabilitiation clinic operate on the grounds sharing the matural cold springs and services to provide the hot springs for therapy as well. For patients these amenties are available at resonable costs which is partially subsidized by the opeoration of the resort that caters more to the wealthy.

Localized Phenomena

The resort's most popular feature is its natural cold springs are used in conjuction with artificial hot springs to offer aid and comfort to those in need of such combination therapy. The springs themselves are accessible upon the hill top where the resort has added hot springs.

A cave system into the hilside provides access to unusually cool sections that are used for food storage, limited ice supply to the resort, and of course are carefully managed to avoid damaging the therapeutic springs themselves.

Travellers through Garinshire have been known to make the short detour from their travels to enjoy the wondrous and uniqely available confection called Iced Creme available during the warm summer months at the resort shops.


Originally the site accommodated pilgrims and campers access to the little known site, but eventually grew into a commercial establishment offering residences for temorary use, artificial hot springs, and other vacation amenities.
Alternative Name(s)
The Chill Spa


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