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Professor of Stonemasonry

A Professor of Restful Stonmasonry is a master or grandmaster in The Restful Exhibit Society who primarily teaches at the trade school. While it is an honorary and temporary designation within the organization it is highly coveted as it shows that the master has not only achieved high regard for his stone work, but also has the capabilities to train and desire to share his experience and expertise to the school's students.



Such designated professors must first be masters of stonemasonry at a minimum, but also have shown a desire and ability to share skills such with students. Professors can teach a specialized curriculum or a more generalized set of studies including but not limiting to mathmatics, geometric shapes, aesthetic design, language and literature, and general business operations,

Career Progression

Since the actual title of professor is based on role and conveyed as an honorarium there is no career progression as a teacher. However some choose to take on the role as part of their personal progressions to take aim at higher positions with the society with their sites set at possibly joining the society's triumverate. Many simply choose this as a means of expressing their work within the society to primarily teach instead of primarily be involed with actual production.

Payment & Reimbursement

Compensation is no different for professors as for other masters or grandmasters. Professors may be granted sabaticals to accept commisions of their work.



The professor's working in concert, create a curriculum that prepares a stonemason student to perform the tasks needed to be skillful and successful. A combination of the technical, business, physical, and artistic skills is needed to fullfill the stonmason's role.

Social Status

A professor is treated with respect within the society and with high reverance by the students they teach.



Lessons taught by these professor may be in the classroom or in a practical lab environment.
Alternative Names
master, teach, prof


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