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Getting Stoned

"Getting Stoned" is a coloquial term for graduation or elevation of title in the The Restful Exhibit Society. Each level of apprentice, journeyman, master, and grandmaster have different qualifications to achieve. Corruption, bribery, and nepotism are present and often over-looked and primarily to place a liked but incompetent mason in a position where they can do the least harm to society for whcih tehy would otherwise face expulsion or rejection from the society.


Created to celebrate the advancement of society members through demonstration of their fine stone work.


Each celebrant prepares their finest works which are then judged by the society's Triumverate. The Triumverate may then approve and priase the works and subsequently elevate the celebrant to the next level. Membership in the Triumverate is not an elevation, but a vote by the membership to select amongst the current grandmasters.

A student is elevated to apprentice upon completion of their coursework and must be 17 years of age, though students can be much younger.

  • An apprentice must have served at least 2000 hours of operational work before attempting elevation to journeyman.
  • A journeyman must have served at least 3000 hours of operational work before attempting elevation to master.
  1. A master must have served at least 5000 hours of operational, admistrative, or teaching work before attempting elevation to grandmaster.
There is no limit as to how many times a celebrant may attempt elevation. Many try as soon as they achieve the minimum hours of operational work, but few succeed on their first try when emplying this strategy. Successful first-tiome celebrants are more likely to have simly spent an additional 50% more time operationally honing their craft before attempting the elevation and risking any personal embarrassment.


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