Farli Chlov

Farli Chlov was a leader of the Brachlov peoples who lead them to a resounding defense of their settlement against the Pruvids in the The Pruvid-Brachlov War. The Pruvids were intent on obtaining Vach and declared war upon the Brachlov. The tactics and strategies developed by Farli were so effective, the Brachlov were able to virtualy extinguish the Pruvids. The Pruvids were never again able to reach the heights of their civilization prior to the war due to the severe defeats handed to ehm by Farli and the Brachlov. She documented the tactics and strategies emplyed and her notes are located at the library at Farafot University. They are still part of the warfare counter siege curriculum at the university.

Originally, the Brachlov warriors scoffed at Farli's determination to join the direct fighing against the Pruvid's. However after her father fell, she bravely took up his sword and bow and began mercilessly raining death down upon her foes. Her bravery and composure amidst heavy battles, earned the other warriors respect and admiration, inviting her into discussions of defensive strategies. Proving a quick study, she contributed ideas to improve upon those strategies, eventually earning a place and leadership of the war council.

Upon defeat of the Pruvids and the end of the war, Farli was tasked with helping to rebuild the settlement and prepare its defenses against future attacks. The Brachlov faced many raids and attacks over the remainder of Farli's lifetime, but never suffered a defeat employing her tactics and strategies. Vach remained safely guarded by the Brachlov and they were rewarded with prosperity for generations to come.

Wide and green
Long brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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