The Pruvid-Brachlov War

The Pruvid-Brachlov War was the first and most savage conflict between the Pruvids and the Brachlov. Driven by jealousy of the Brachlov's prosperity and association with Vach, the Pruvids, a long time rival, laid siege to the Brachlov settlement. Despite a lack of preparedness, the Brachlov's were able to repel the initial raids and attacks by the Pruvids, but concern grew among them that they would not be able to sustain doing so. During these intial attacks a brave female fighter, Farli Chlov, earned a place among the leaders of the Brachlov defense. This conflict is well documented in the derivative works of Vacamil Chekoy

Historical Significance


The Pruvid's never regained their strength of membership nor perpetuation of their culture, dying out within 10 years of the end of war. The Brachlov left them to their own demise, refusing to accept the declining Pruvid civilization a place among them.

In Literature

The conflict is purported to be mentioned in In Search of Vach by Vacamil Chekoy and his further research and teachings throughout his career.


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