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Council of Dragons

The Council of Dragons is the longest standing organization in Draconia. While cities and regions may have been founded before the council, their systems have crumbled and changed to the erosion of time. The council has remained the same since its inception: A group of elected officials, both publicly and within the council, that serve as the highest regarded lawmakers in the land. Any law that would affect one half of the world or both halves must pass through a strict vote in the council. Without some support from the council members, policies and laws that are enacted by regions that seek to affect others have little hope of succeeding.


As with any group, there is a placement or rank system that determines the power ones' vote would have on any matters brought forward. The rank that one possesses also determines which matters they can vote on as well. Certain laws or other issues that may arise may be limited to only the highest-ranking council members. While something vague or as simple as enacting a law can be voted on by all.

Dragon Overlord

The rank of Dragon Overlord is the highest rank that one can attain on the council. In order to obtain such a prestigious title, there are a few requirements that one must pass.
  • One must be a dragon of a certain age
  • Said dragon must possess a sizable treasure hoard
  • They must also be capable of facing rivals in combat
  • Upon being inducted they must swear allegiance to the respective God of dragonkind their coloration follows (Bahamut for Metallics and Tiamat for Chromatics).
If they pass these requirements, then the candidate is given a holy rite to fully induct them.   Overlords possess the most say over laws, as they govern over entire territories and regions. Their word is almost absolute in most cases, except in those where a majority of the remaining council voting cannot come to an agreement with the overlords.  

Territory Liaisons

These individuals generally serve as managers of specific territories in the regions of each continent. As such, due to their close relationships with the actual Overlords of each territory, they are right beneath them on the council. They, along with the Overlords are one of the few groups that vote on every matter that is brought into the Council. The requirements for this position are different depending on context. While it is easy enough to be appointed by an Overlord as a liaison, it does not automatically give that person council membership. They must still be inducted in the council via a vote. Should they fail to be inducted, however, an Overlord that is not the one that gave them the position can vouch for them, which will automatically veto the failed vote and give them membership.  


The mayors of each town, province or city in each region also serve as members on the council. This is the category that many people find themselves vying for, but it is also a hotly contested topic. In some regions such as the ones of Metallan or Virdio in Chromaticos, the laws for mayorship are different. Lesser races can hold public office or other political positions, which makes this a conundrum for the council. The belief of the council is that it should remain only dragons or dragonborn; it's in the name after all. But with this new development it's now possible for other races to join them. This has led to efforts to change this, by enforcing a race restriction on spots within the council, but even this has had some pushback from others within the council.   The first person to be inducted as a member of the council that was not a dragon-related race is Pyra Wixis, the mayor of Virdio and governor over Ruxan. She serves closely to Nedra, Green Dragon Overlord, yet she was not responsible for getting Pyra the position. She was voted in by the council fair and square, yet it was her induction that has created even more blowback from the traditionalists in the council.  

City Officials

Some individuals that obtain high positions within a city or town -such as guild masters, business leaders, etc.- can also be invited to join the council. This is also a position that is gathering blowback due to the changing laws within some parts of the world. The amount of pushback is not as concentrated as it is to the situation with the mayor spots because most times, dragon-related races are the only ones with enough wealth to afford to make businesses or guilds, so they are usually in the top positions of those locations.  


The lowest rank within the council and the most plentiful. Any dragon-related race can attempt to be inducted into the council. It does not matter their background, history or profession, so long as they are a higher race, they are eligible to be voted in. While there are no requirements, the council does still vet their inductees to make sure there is a fit, but it is not as harsh and thorough as the process for the other positions.

Problems of the Council

Like any organization, the council has its own set of problems that can affect it. For the most part, these issues are a plague of the past when a majority of dragonkind simply believed in survival of the fittest and were constantly trying to usurp each other for more power. That being said, some of these issues still occur today.  


The most prominent problems that still affects the council to the date is infighting. Disagreements are going to happen in any environment, but they can become especially volatile in a politically-charged one. The most common form of this problem is blatant killing of other council members. While this declines as one ascends up the hierarchy chain, in the bottom rungs it is a near daily problem. Candidates try to gain more power by eliminating rivals, either ones that oppose their perspective of law, or it could be someone aiming for the same position that they are. This has steadily seen decline, but it is still a problem that affects the continent.   Infighting is not limited to the lower councilmen or officials. It has occurred in the past amongst the Dragon Overlords, and when the council was first formed, that was the group it was most common amongst. At that point, the Overlords sought to control everything they could, even other regions. As such there was a number of battles that brought ruin to some parts of the continents when one Overlord wanted control over another's territory.  


While infighting takes center stage of the problems affecting the council, this is the true enemy to progress. Wherever greed and other unfavorable qualities are, corruption will rear its ugly head. Infighting mostly affects the lower ranks, but this affects the middle to higher ranks. Anyone in power can suddenly find their opinion "shifting" when there is a strange deposit of wealth or a new gift basket awaiting them at their house. While infighting has steadily declined, this is something that has not. Today the corruption that takes place in the council is immeasurable. Countless leaders and mayors are in-line with organizations seeking to influence laws. The sad part being that even the Overlords cannot voice authority over the council due to the veto system that a majority of the council can invoke when faced with matters not regarding law. As such, the corruption can only continue with no true halt.

The Current Council

The known members of today's current council are:

Dragon Overlords

  • Ralbas, Red Dragon Overlord over Alezar
  • Zilvaroth, White Dragon Overlord over Briggs
  • Nedra, Green Dragon Overlord over Ruxan
  • Cormuth, Blue Dragon Overlord over Uzambwe
  • Xerreig, Black Dragon Overlord over Zalesh
  • Bayrd, Gold Dragon Overlord
  • Uuembo, Silver Dragon Overlord


  • Pyra Wixis, Mayor of Virdio, Governor of Ruxan

To guide the world.

Founding Date
125 EoD
Government, Leadership
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The Council
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Eternal allies and mutualistically beneficial relationship.

Both organizations empower the other. The Dracoguard by defending the Council and its members, while the Council rewards the Dracoguard for their efforts by granting them leniency against laws and political agency.

The Council seeks to destroy the Katz Family.

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