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A dark skinned people, nomadic in origin though no longer the case, who reside across the ocean in Tyoka and the original Dargonian lands. Most Dargonians are built broad and strong, and outsiders often describe Dargonians as a good looking people.  
The Dargonians originally lived south of Arbrid and Tyoka, still on the continent often named Tyoka. A remnant from their nomadic past, Dargon has settlements spread across a large swath of land, linked by an extensive network of maintained roads that cross plains, mountains, forests, and grasslands. None of Dargon's cities are very large, though the ones closest to the coast have the largest populations.   All throughout history, even during their nomadic days, Dargonians have fought and conquered smaller nations to build their land holdings. As nomads they desired more land to roam on so that they could support a larger population. As a settled people they sought more land for more resources. In the past more than three nations resided on the continent of Tyoka, but most have been absorbed or killed by the Dargonians. The most recent region claimed by the Dargonians is the area of Tyoka claimed by the Iksen people.  
Universal Cultural Aspects
Modern day Dargonians are thought to have strayed far from the norms and values held by their distant ancestors. As a society, Dargon has long been male dominated, though in their nomadic days, women ruled with an iron fist. When as a people the Dargonians settled into place, men rose up and relagated women into lesser citizens. Though in modern times, women are treated as less than citizens and this norm is enforced by the government and military. Normal citizens are fearful of breaking from these extreme ideas even though a majority do not agree with them.   Killing another man is punishable by death if the murder can be proven intentional. Unintentional killing of a man, or ant killing of women or non-Dargonian citizen is punishable by five years of hard labor.    Despite their war loving habits and conquest of other peoples, Dargonians tend to absorb cultural aspects of conquered peoples and married an important woman from those nations into the Dargonian royal line. Everyday norms and behaviors have thus varied greatly over time and few records exist noting which ideas belong to Dargon and which ideas they adopted.   Though the Dargonians never conquered the Arbriden people, they did adopt the Arbrid religion after claiming Iksen lands. Though likely a move to appease the Arbridens after forcing Arbrid allies to live on an island, many speak to the Arbriden religion being more comforting and less complicated than the religion once held by most Dargonians. This likely was the reason for adoption.   The king, his lords and advisors, and the military rule the Dargonian people firmly, though weak kings have allowed royal power to be eroded by the other two branches of the government. Corruption grows rampant and has caused a dramatic shift in Dargonian thinking, one not popular with normal people who are powerless to resist. In many cases what had previously been against their laws is now allowable, and what had previously been allowable in now banned.

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