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A type of punishment in Dosjorya, less commonly used than imprisonment, torture or death. Generally reserved for specific circumstances and requires that the criminal leave settled Dosjorya and never return unless recalled back.  
The Punishment
People who are banished from Dosjorya generally have committed a heinous crime where imprisonment is not a harsh enough penalty, but not so wicked that they need to be immediately put to death. Sometimes victims order for a banishment because seeing someone die or tortured, even someone who hurt them, is uncomfortable. Many times an Innen human who would otherwise be put to death for their crime is banished instead if their partner is innocent. Often the criminal being banished is subjected to some amount of torture or a whipping, but often they leave as they were when their sentence is handed down.    The banished are always allowed the dignity to return to their family, if they have any, one last time. They may drop off or gather any of their belongings during this meeting and they may only stay for a couple hours at most. They are then escorted beyond settled Dosjorya via the shortest route possible. Innena generally escort the criminal both to their family and then to the wild Gendirl lands. Depending on the severity and type of crime committed, one or multiple Innena may be involved.    On occasion, the criminal might be allowed back to Dosjorya, known as being recalled, if further evidence is found to prove their innocence, if they are not as guilty of the crime as everyone thought, or if the victim decides the criminal should be brought back to be sentenced to death; the latter may be requested if the victim has reason to believe the banished might not adhere to their sentence. Innena are sent to search for them. However, rarely is a recalled criminal ever found.   If a banished criminal is found within settled Dosjorya without having been recalled, they are captured and taken to whoever delivered their sentence. Generally these violators are then sentenced to a slow death, but may be banished again, blind folded and taken far from Dosjorya by an Innen. Banished humans returning happens quite frequently, generally within a week of being forced to leave as they are still close to Dosjoryan settlements. Not all who return once do so on purpose, but most ore believed to. Returning a second time has never happened.  
Gendirlo will often tell stories of human skeletons hiding under rocks or beside logs. They will speak of unoccupied shelters with human-made tools and food remnants, all of which appear many years old and untouched in that time. Some might even tell of haggard, starving, witless men wandering though their clans, so close to death that a Gendirl can finish their life without breaking the sacred pact.    From these stories and other evidence, it is widely believed that banishment is just a sentence to a slow death. Weather and the elements are the most likely killers of these criminals, though angry Gendirlo could very well kill a wandering human for straying where they should not, so long as there are no witnesses or they feel they are properly justified.   Conjurers and Innena who are banished with their partners have advantages that allow them to survive better. All conjurers can spark a fire, and those bonded to a Gendirl have a partner who can help hunt as well as provide companionship. Still, it is no guarantee that they will survive, or be found if recalled.

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