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The view from the top of the gnarled tree that leaned over the cliff was the best. A little precarious but that had never stopped Reeahssah from climbing around when they'd landed somewhere new. The fresh air was sweet - it likely had something to do with all the vegetation in the valley below. Something he'd probably spend the following days exploring, sampling. Seeing if there was anything he could add to his collection in the garden gallery. So long as he properly quarantined whatever he brought back...   Neither the moon nor planet had a name. None that any of the sharshi knew but that didn't really matter to them. Nothing had responded on their various communication relays either so, for all intents, they were the only intelligent or technologically advanced creatures there. They'd stumbled into a pristine playground, more or less, and so long as their supplies allowed, Reeahssah could probably convince them to stay... It would also hinge on whether or not Si'ersh found food on the planet.   The plant groaned beneath him as heavy 'thunks' below indicated another was climbing up to join him. The soft fibrous material gave way easily to their claws so that even someone as ill-practiced as Reeahssah had scaled it without difficulty. There'd be no question how easy, then, it'd be for the dashtnye|trae's resident hunter to join him in a couple of hops up.   Si'ersh was one of the larger sharshi on board. Taller, longer limbed, with a thicker tail. While no one was bred for any specific job, one could make an argument that he'd been born a hunter. Lounging next to Reeahssah, the larger sharshi made the botanist feel rather... delicate. "See anything you like?" Si'ersh asked, scanning the valley below with lazy interest.   Reeahssah couldn't help the snort of amusement. "You know full well I could spend rotations here. Hundreds. The others would either go stir crazy or get bored. Or both."   Si'ersh flashed him a fang-filled smile. Something borderline feral but they all knew to be amusement. "Too true, Reeah." He clicked in the back of his throat, contemplating, before he added, "It's quiet here. Not sure there will be much by way of prey."   A nice way of letting Reeahssah know that he'd not likely be able to extend their stay through his brand of "foraging". Reeahssah tilted his head from side to side, waffling, before he suggested, "Well, you could always wander around the valley with me. Just in case. You know."   There was another one of those fang-filled smiles while Si'ersh looked up at the moon that dominated the starry sky. "Just in case." The talons of the larger sharshi flexed in the wood of the branch he lounged on - a dismissal of any concern Reeahssah might've had about 'pressing his luck'. If anyone was going to help him extend their stay on the forested planet, Si'ersh certainly would. Not because he particularly cared about the plants or that he disliked being confined to the ship, he'd just worked alongside Reeahssah on enough planetary excursions that it'd become their thing. If Si'ersh wanted to extend hunts, Reeahssah always found new vegetation to study or some 'quarantine' procedure he had to extend. Thus, if Reeahssah wanted to wander around a quiet valley full of peaceful trees, then Si'ersh would likewise oblige.   Reeahssah smiled a little and flicked the tip of his slender tail in the hunter's direction. A quiet 'thanks' while they both sat and enjoyed the view.


Rancher. Butcher. Hunter.  


Botanist. Gardener.  


Refers to the other crew, but it's more than that. Akin to family though they are not blood related. Considered family to sharshi.


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