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Ultraviolet is a relatively new drug to be found on the streets and black market of the big cities. This unique drug is sold as small vials of glowing, dark purple liquid from which it gets its name. One vial is equivalent to one serving which usually starts to take affect after about 20 minutes and may last between 6 and 12 hours with its peak effects coming halfway through the “trip”.   This is a mind altering, psychedelic drug that fundamentally changes the user’s senses, ability to think and feel, and causes significant changes in their sensations and emotions.  

Mind Altering Effects:

The major effects are usually related to a variety of hallucinations that often mix up the senses, creating intense colors and sounds and strange sensory experiences and distorting the sense of time and space. Users often report that they will see sounds and hear colors. Often they feel like they are floating or being pulled in a particular direction by an unknown force, that some attribute to ghosts or deities. The main thing that the user’s desire is the artificial feelings of euphoria and energy. They will feel excited and giggly, as well as empathetic and awestruck by the people, the hallucinations, and the world around them.  

Physical Effects:

Along with the mental effects come several physical effects as well. Users will have enlarged pupils, raised body temperatures, increased heart rates and blood pressure. They often sweat a lot and lose their appetite. They experience sleeplessness, dry mouths, and disturbing tremors.  

Bad Trips:

Occasionally users will undergo what they call “bad trips”, which usually last minutes to hours but can sometimes last for days or weeks or months depending on the user and frequency of the drug use. During these scary times they often feel very anxious, confused, helpless, suspicious, panicked, and fearful. They feel like they are losing control of themselves and their grip on reality and often experience terrifying visions and feelings of great paranoia. Many report the eerie feeling of unseen spiders on or under their skin. Some have even tried to cut them out, causing additional problems.  

Heavy And Long Term Users:

Heavy usage will eventually result in permanent brain damage with increasing memory loss and severe reduction in attention spans.   Long term users will have increasing “flashbacks”, that will repeat the effects of both good and bad “trips” weeks or even months after their last dose of the drug. The effects don’t last long but happened more and more often and result in more and more bad “trips” and fewer good ones. Eventually the users will be experiencing near permanent bad “trips” that usually result in self harm and eventual suicide.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Ultraviolet works by directly affecting the brain and central nervous system of the user. It changes the person’s ability to think, feel, and perceive the world around them. This gives the person many varied types of hallucinations. Some of these hallucinations are seen as positive, which keeps the user coming back for more, and some of these hallucinations are very negative, which leads to further issues and problems for the user.

Manufacturing process

This drug can only be made from a complex process that separates the hallucinogenic compounds from the dyeing properties of the Indiglow ink, which in turn comes from the rare Deathglow Fungus. This process involves multiple steps of evaporating, hydrating, dissolving, titrating, and combing of various secretive mixtures.


This drug like many others, serves as misguided coping mechanism for the harsh realities of a certain portion of the populace. Many of the poor, the forgotten, the abused, the hopeless, the mentally disturbed, and the addicts turn to this and other drugs to temporarily escaped from reality or find a sliver of peace or happiness in their lives.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
While this drug is still very uncommon in most locations it is steadily increasing in popularity in the back alleys and drug dens of the bigger cities.
This short thin vial is approximately 1 centimeter wide and 4 centimeters tall.
Base Price
Ultraviolet can usually be purchased for around 4 silver pieces per vial.
Raw materials & Components
This drug is made from the filtering, honing, and perfecting of the rare ink known as Indiglow, which in turn comes from the processing and refining of the exceptional Deathglow Fungus.
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