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Titan Tea

Very interesting. Who would have guessed that these tree leaves soaked in water would make such a wonderful drink. I think that you might be on to something here. You wouldn’t mind if I take a few with me, for study of course?
— Salvia Maior, foremost expert on plants species
      The Titan Tree Tea is a simple, savory and aromatic nonalcoholic drink that is easy to store and easy to make. Simply by steeping the leaves in hot or cold water creates a quick refreshing drink that people of all ages can enjoy. This popular drink has led to widespread distribution and can be found in all manner of establishments and households throughout the land.

Manufacturing process

The exact manufacturing processes are different for each community that creates the tea and are a highly guarded secret. The key steps involve harvesting the Titan Tree leaves at just the right time, when they are the brightest yellow color, just before they fall off in the autumn. Clean storage is very important until the moment when the leaves are mixed with their other more secretive ingredients. From here they are dried and wrapped in fine netting or cloth and either packaged for shipping or steeped in water to bring out the flavors into the tasty beverage. The dry packaging permits extensive lengths of storage and allows for far ranging shipments to towns and cities far across the realms.


Despite being a relatively recent discovery, this tea has quickly become a favorite among those fortunate enough to find it at their local pubs, inns, apothecaries, and grocers. While the Titan Tree leaves are rare, they do occur in massive quantities allowing for an entire new industry to develop from communities living among the enormous trees. Once word of Bragu Berg’s tea reached market, other Titan Tree communities from across the land followed their lead and developed their own varieties of the tea, including both hot and cold versions. For those seeking a flavorful, nonalcoholic drink any time of day, this will certainly quench their thirst.      
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Location Of Origin

The village of Bragu Berg, just south of the Breakridge Mountains.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Originally this tea was only found only in Bragu Berg and the surrounding lands, but due to its ever increasing popularity and demand, it has been steadily spreading to inns and taverns across the country side. Quite recently other Titan Tree communities have begun to copy the success of Bragu Berg  by creating their own variations of the tea.
Raw materials & Components
All that is really need to create this simple drink is the rare Titan Tree leaves, water, sugar, a kettle or pot, and a heat source. Fruits, spices, and other ingredients can also be added but are not required.

Drink Variations Based On Titan Tea:

  • Breakridge Black Tea
  • Cool Cloud Iced Tea
  • Awan Hot Spiced Tea
  • Hook Horn Bay Breeze
  • Danse River Mint (served either hot or cold)

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