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The position of Ace is the highest ranking official and leader of the free-city of Broken Arrow. Their official top priority is to safeguard, maintain, and run the city, continuing its success and progress. Their covert and first priority is to advance the agenda of the Archers level of the Black Arrows.


Anyone seeking to become an Ace, must be part of the city's military force, The Black Arrows and must have risen through their ranks to the top political level. While age and gender are unimportant, members must be half-elven.


In order to apply for this elite rank, the applicant must have reached the Archers level of The Black Arrows, which requires a high level of proficiency with a bow and arrow, as well as being a high level sorcerer with natural spell casting abilities. Any applicant who cannot shoot a bow or cast spells of sufficient quality is automatically removed from consideration.


Once a vacant position has come up and all of the previous requirements are met, then all of the members of the Archers level of the Black Arrows individually discuss and argue for or against the applicants. After each member has had their turn then a vote is cast by all present members. The applicant with the most total votes becomes the new Ace of Broken Arrow. A cloaking ceremony in the heart of the city is held in which the new Ace publicly gains a new cloak and the new title. A city wide celebration follows immediately afterward, involving feasts, drinks, parties, games, and tournaments.


The duties of the Ace are just an extension of the will of the Black Arrows, particularly the Archers level of leadership. The Ace is tasked with protecting and furthering their goals and magical research, as well as keeping their membership strong.


The Ace also has the additional responsibilities of overseeing the main city goals and delegating members of the Archers to political positions that best maintain and advance the day to day operations of the city.  The Ace must also organize and review all short term and long term plans to protect and aid the city's citizens and resources.


Tremendous benefits accompany this position. All of the worldly needs are met at the highest quality that the city can provide. A gleaming palace of exquisite workmanship and rare materials, a wardrobe of the finest garments, the greatest chefs and cuisine available, all manner of entertainments, as well as many others desires, are provided to the Ace by the city and the Black Arrows.

Accoutrements & Equipment

During the cloaking ceremony, the new Ace gains the prestigious Cloak Of Bruten Saeth.  The cloak is an exquisite reproduction of Saeth's original, constructed of a deep black, light absorbing material, embroidered with fine silver runes along the edges.  In the center of the back is a large depiction of a silver arrowhead pointing upwards.  The cloak is fastened in the front by an arrowhead clasp made out of Arcane Silver.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Any failure to further the goals of The Black Arrows or any attempt to stifle the progression of their magical research is grounds for immediate dismissal and most usually execution. Other grounds for removal have recently been expanded to include failure to protect the city of Broken Arrow or failure to protect its citizens and resources.


The Ace of Broken Arrow was first established with the founding of the city by Bruten Saeth and the original Black Arrows in 267 A.S. It was they who destroyed the Lake Hags terrorizing the region, it was they who first created the Tower Ring around the magical Ley Line convergence point following their escape from the underground, and it was they who provided safety and security to the local farming community as they relocated back to their original more fertile lands.   With this new era of safety and improved resources, the farming village of Broken Arrow quickly expanded into a thriving town on the edge of the Broken Lands, and as explorers, investors, and adventurers used the town as a way station into the unknown lands, it quickly became the closest and safest major city in the area.

Cultural Significance

Most other cultures view this rank as just an unusual title for an unusual city in an unusual location, as is common with most other free-cities.   The citizens see the Ace as their leader and protector from the dangers of the Broken Lands. As the years have gone by and their living conditions improved, so to has their respect and admiration for their leaders.   The Archers level of the Black Arrows, see the Ace as just a figure head that they can use and control in order to further their personal, political, financial, and magical goals. They see the position as one that can be easily replaced if leadership so chooses.

Notable Holders

Bruten Saeth, from 267 A.S. until 344 A.S., died in office (natural causes).   Rotto Amurg, from 344 A.S. until 395 A.S., died in office (natural causes).   Farnu Seta, from 395 A.S. until 432 A.S., killed in office (suspected assassination by The Black Arrows).   Casse Sipku-Miksur, from 432 A.S. until 541 A.S., resigned from office a few years before dying (natural causes).   Pilen Miksur, from 541 A.S. until 595 A.S., died in office (unknown disease).   Nuoli Miksur-Brudt, from 595 A.S. until 677 A.S., died in office (natural causes).   Nyil Brudt, from 677 A.S. until 743 A.S. (Today), still in office.
Civic, Political
This title is still bestowed upon and used by the leader of Broken Arrow today.
This title was given to Bruten Saeth by the Black Arrows long before the founding of Broken Arrow in 267 A.S.
Equates to
This is the highest title in the Free City of Broken Arrow and it equates to other titles of leaders of other Free Cities.
Source of Authority
This authority comes from the decendants of the city's founders and is supported by and enforced with The Black Arrows.
Length of Term
This is a lifetime term unless the holder wants to retire, resign, is killed, or is removed by The Black Arrows.
Related Locations
Related Organizations
First Holder: Bruten Saeth


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