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The Beginners

The Ones That Started it All

Written by Elis_Exists

"The Beginners" is what Disonia calls the first people. These are the people that came along with now King Soren in 1500 and created the country that is now identified as Julio. The ruins of the oldest buildings constructed by "The Beginners" are found in Julio, but only four are open for tourist attractions. Two that were found and closed have seemed to disappear in 1985 under unknown circumstances. It was believed to be two small homes.   Along with being the first ever Disonians in history, they were also the first to create the known Disonian religion: Eralinity. Introducing the concept of each of the four deities reigning over a certain era was also created shortly after. Eralinity follows the belief in The Savior, The Timekeeper, The Ferryman, and The Waning Moon. It also gave way for the Followers and the Sents after the first Moon Shower in 1515 that was said to be conducted by The Waning Moon. "The Era Brothers" was also an Eralinity creation said to have been created by King Soren, but it's said that the whole of "The Beginners" created the unsigned religious text.   "The Beginners" also formed the well-known tradition and "holiday" of Jerialygeone. Celebrated on the anniversary of the foundation of Disonia, Jerialygeone was first celebrated on July 2nd of 1501, a year after the beginning of Disonia. The different ways to celebrate the traditions were created amongst themselves, having came up with four main ways to celebrate depending on the area that you live in.   King Soren was known as "the head of the beginners" and was crowned king since he was the one that created the concept of it in the first place. He was in charge of overseeing the exploration and slowly rising creation of Julio. Of course, there were some from his home country that wanted in on the action with ill intentions, so he created an encoded language that was only shared among "The True Beginners" although history books tend to skip over this fact. It's now commonly known as "Soren's Encoded Language". Certain recovered texts were encoded with this language and nobody can seem to get a good understanding of how to decode the messages.   As the years pass on, the song named as "An Immortal's Tale" comes to life around 1548. Being adapted to modern language as of the latest edit in 1967, the song was created by "The Beginners" and gave light to the concept of achieving immortality. The song talks about an immortal who's roamed the earth for years on end and has started to lose their sense of identity. There doesn't seem to be any kind of true inspiration or as to why this lituary work was created, but it is popular among Disonia as a whole.   Someone unmentioned from "The Beginners" created the basis of the Disonian flag. The colors red,blue, and white were used, but the triangle on the left started as a grey square that took up the bottom corner of the flag. The horizontal lines used to be vertical instead.   For more expansion of the topics mentioned above, go to these linked articles below (they'll send you to a new tab) (some articles have little to no information on them. I have to get to them at some point apologies in advanced):  


Major language groups and dialects

Along with speaking older English, "The Beginners" used "Soren's Encoded Language" as a way to communicate amongst themselves. The encoded messages have yet to be decoded since there is no found translation key. It is said that the translation key was burned after every true member properly learned the language.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Jerialygeone is a highly popular tradition celebrated in Disonia for obvious reasons. As mentioned above, there are four main ways to celebrate Jerialygeone depending on where you live:
  • Northerners may celebrate with either a combination of the other three and/or along with a play revolving around "The Era Brothers". Voluntary actors sign up 2-3 weeks in advance. 
  • Southerners commemorate with a simplified version of "The Brightingling Heir Trials" that were conducted in 1919 by Warren Brightingling. Other activities include painting and flower weaving. The results of the activities may be sent to the nearby churches that celebrate Jerialygeone and Eralinity.
  • Westerners celebrate with a specific ritual. Offerings that serve resemblance to an Eralinity deity are gathered and sent on a wooden boat. Such offerings include but are not limited to candles, hand-carved wooden items, and other small partable items. The boat is rowed out to sea and set on fire as an act to send the items to the deities above.
  • Easterners mainly worship The Waning Moon and/or The Savior, especially in Saturn, so astrology related things are made. Food, typically vanilla bread, is made as well.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Upon the death of one of "The Beginners", they are to be buried with a personal item and an eraligious related item that revolves around the main deity that they worship. A part of "The Era Brothers" scripture that revolves around the main deity the deceased worshipped is to be read aloud.

Common Myths and Legends

  • Created a distorted version of "Moonshine", a children's fairytale that wasn't meant to be targeted towards kids.
  • "The Waning Moon" is believed to have a physical form and various older texts support this idea, but it's uncertain how the deity should look.
Parent ethnicities
Related Organizations
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The Beginners were highly religious and founded their base around Eralinity, their new religion. It wasn't accepted from where they first came from (there's no entirely sure answer), so they must've traveled to a new island to house their own religious beliefs.   Everything that they did had revolved somewhere around religion. Worshipping a certain deity until death, influencing others actions or justifying their own because of a certain deity, or even making absurd claims about being sent from a deity. Churches were built and by 1784, each town had at least a church or two within its borders.   As time passed however, The "Religious Aggression" period came to a close, fully ending in 1847. Most churches were still kept standing and a few still stand to this day, but churches and heavily religion based buildings or statues were taken down and held in the DUIC custody.   There's still a town in Julio named Mayirmore that houses the beliefs of The Beginners and practices their traditions and beliefs, saying to be "keeping our ancestors' legacies alive".

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