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Material Characteristics

Opaque to clear crystalline rocks distinguishable from quartz by its dodecahedral formations (as opposed to hexagonal) and the ability to absorb energy applied to it and re-emit that energy. Hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, on par with quartz.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Depends on the adstrumite vein and quality. Most adstrumites give off light without any other characteristics; this variety is non-precious and called "strumar". "Sidumar" or "Adstrum" is the name given to processed adstrumite which possess magical properties such as flammability, communication, etc.

Geology & Geography

Strumar variety is common on Andellion and on Zahyr, while the Sidumar variety is common to Thestra, Irii and Eyra.

Origin & Source

Mines, found in veins of rock.

Life & Expiration

Variable storage capacity based on area-to-volume ratio. Cracking stones (and, therefore, increasing area) causes rapid release of energy.

History & Usage


Although the sentient species were aware of adtrumite's luminous properties for some time and used strumar as their primary source of illumination, it wasn't until 213 AR that an Ejii'aarii engineer accidentally discovered that certain varieties of adstrumite could acquire other properties when heated to certain temperatures. The first alternate use of adstrumite was as a source of heat, as some varieties would absorb the heat from the heating process and re-emit it at a lower rate over a certain amount of time. It was soon discovered that most adstrumite could stock different forms of energy as well, from electricity to Talents and Gifts, and reemit it in the same manner.   Soon, adsrumite was deemed to be the most important resource in the Seven Realms. Then came a race to control the resource, and the start of the Second Realmwar, dubbed "the Adstrumite Wars".   The purest, and most powerful variety can be found on Thestra.


Adstrumite was always used as source of illumitation since the Ancients realized that leaving it in the sunlight would cause it to reemit light at night.

Everyday use

Used as a sort of slow release "battery" for different forms of energy. Most common usage is as a source of light and warmth, as most adstrumite varieties are not capable of properly stocking other forms of energy. Superior varieties are used in weaponry (to discharge energy blasts), in armor (to dispel said energy blasts), in transport (can be infused with part of someone's telekinesis Talent or Gift in order to help move heavy objects or make small transports hover), as Talent or Gift-dampeners (for example, to avoid Gift burnouts) and, finally, as Talent or Gift enhancers (as tattoos the user infuses with excess power over time in order to give themselves a "boost" when needed). Finally, the Ejii'aarii require trace levels of Adsrumite in order to remain healthy.


Refinement of adstrumite involves heating, cooling and cutting. The specific process can alter which form of energy the material absorbs best, and the rate at which it discharges its energy.


Cracking adstrumites is liable to causing explosions as this causes the material to release a lot of energy in a tiny period of time. This makes processing difficult and hazardous.

Environmental Impact

Main impact is due to mining.

Reusability & Recycling

Can be re-cut (into smaller, less potent adstrumite parts) and also re-infused with energy.


Trade & Market

The market and trade of high quality adstrumite is mostly controlled by large colonial powers such as the Watch, Kerdaante, Fyron, the Ejii'aari Enclave and Xekuj Tesz, and these powers seek monopoly over the resource.


Non-charged adstrumite is usually stored in non-illuminated and cooled environments to ensure that they remain as uncharged as possible. This is due to the fact that charging adstrumite with, for example, light, limits its capacity to be charged with other forms of energy.
Considered to be around the same value as gold.
High quality adstrumite is rare and is mostly found on Thestra. Low quality adstrumite is common.
Variable. Most common colour is white.
Common State
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