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Ribbon Shot

While most Godcrafted bullets are your standard shape and size, Ribbon shot/slugs are one of those rare examples of something unique to Godcrafted ammunition.    Spun from a strip of metal, usually lead due to the ease of working it, wrapped into a cylinder large enough to fit snuggly into the barrel of the weapon intended to fire the round.   When firing Ribbon Slugs out of rifles and muskets, the amount of powder is rather more exact than your usual mini ball. Too little, and the damn thing unravels in your gun barrel. Too much, and the thin layers of material are blown apart, making the short a glorified shotgun, at best. Not to mention that a wider ramrod can greatly aid the loading process.    Get it right, however, and you have a shot that will devastate anything at close range. The material unravels after leaving the barrel, becoming a large strip hurtling through the air. It can lop off limbs, leave terrible gashes and lacerations on an enemy's body. Scale it up, and cannons can spit bands large enough to cut regiments in half.   With a bit of extra work from the god making the round, you can get metal bands the heat up after firing, or that wrap around their target non-lethally. The sky the limit with rounds like this.
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