Godspun Material in Deus Irae: Falling Night | World Anvil


As with any other product, having a god make it gives it a leg up on mortal-produced products simply on their hand in the process. Naturally more durable, lighter, more visually impressive and appealing, etc.   Even with this fact, Godspun is another step up. Well, more like a step, a light jog, and a bracing early morning ride in the carriage up. Practically indestructible, even resistant to other Godcraft, so light you can't even feel it while wearing it and even easily modified (if only by the original creator). Oh, and perfect for both hot and cold weather no matter the cut or physical amount of fabric.   Any god can be taught to spin or sow, and produce articles that entrance with their beauty and remain clean in a sand storm. But even those with that divine spark must train to produce Godspun cloth, and train hard. It is an incredibly involved process and producing enough cloth, be it silk or linen, to make a whole outfit can take most of a year's time.   Every thread has to be inspected, heavily enchanted and woven with strands of the god's will, and then and only then woven into fabric. Even once the weaving begins, time must be taken to ensure that the will being worked doesn't break, as one unenchanted thread can cause the overall protective element of the fabric to unravel.


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