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Fer-Aven's Staff

Created by Havani, the Piradi's peace god, this staff is supposed to have the ability to bring peace to a land or people when wielded by someone of pure intent. It was entrusted to Fer-Aven, Havani's chosen Piradi leader at the time, who used it to bring supernatural peace to the Piradi for nearly a year (though skeptics believe the peace came about simply by virtue of his leadership). Shortly before the year closed, however, the staff mysteriously disappeared. It hasn't been seen since, but many young Piradi have gone on pilgrimages in search of it. Such pilgrimages are now nearly a rite-of-passage.

Manufacturing process

After Havani retrieved the fallen branch, he carved it into a suitable size and shape to serve as a staff and etched decorative botanical designs into it. It is believed that it was through his care and his thoughts during the carving process that the staff came to be imbued with his desire for peace and took on its ability to create peace.


The staff was supposedly carved by Hivani himself and imbued with his desire for peace. It was entrusted to Fer-Aven of the Piradi and used to bring supernatural peace to Piradin for nearly a year before it mysteriously vanished. The Piradi believe that if it were found again it could bring long-term peace, not only to the Piradi but to the world.

Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related ethnicities
5'2" in height, 2" in diameter
Raw materials & Components
The staff is carved from a fallen beechwood branch.
A sharp rock would have been used to carve the branch into a suitable size and shape for a staff, as well as to etch its designs.
Related Myths

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