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You Are Summoned Into The Presence

The ancient Elvirim, Aumanas Benialir Aedan'Mirana, sat on his small rug meditating, his thin, frail body in a posture of deep reverence, scarcely breathing. He had not moved in nearly a month. Though his mind was sharp, his body was tired and failing.   It was deep into the night, but his room suddenly filled with light. Aumanas opened his eyes and said brightly, "I have been expecting you for some time! What has taken you so long?"   Cirihtafëa, its light filling the room, replied, "You know, dear one, that though the soul longs to depart, even a failing body is often reluctant. But now you are summoned into the Presence. All is prepared for you."   Aumanas said, his voice trembling slightly, "Yes. It's time, isn't it? I'm 863 years old now. But do you think Eia’au will want me? I still have many failings, and regrets too many to count."   The Harvester of Souls said gently, "Of course, dear one. The Creator of All desires that all of his children be in the Presence. Are you ready to go?"   Aumanas said, after hesitating for a moment, "Yes, I believe I am. Despite my myriad failings and regrets, I must say that I have lived a good, long life, filled with many blessings given me by Eia'au. I am indeed ready to go, and in the end, thankfully."   Cirihtafëa said, "Your faith makes you whole, dear one. Let us depart. Eia'au awaits your arrival!" She took Aumanas' hand, and together they left the mortal world. The ancient Elvirim's body faded from view, leaving only his failings and regrets behind.
Cirihtafëa, the The Harvester of Souls
Cirihtafëa, the The Harvester of Souls by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Cirihtafëa, the Harvester of Souls

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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