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Queen Jenmei Na'Omi

Queen Jenmei Na'Omi (a.k.a. The Eastern Star)

Jenmei Na'Omi is the Queen and ruler of Chessa. She was born to a noble family in Chessdo, was well-educated as a girl, and noted to be intelligent, obedient, and beautiful. She became queen when she was 17 years old after marrying King Kenzo of Chessa, who was 20 years her senior. The king fell ill soon after they married. When Queen Na'Omi was 18, she gave birth to her only child and son, Prince Toma. The same night, King Kenzo died, after naming Queen Na'Omi sole regent and ruler of Chessa.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jenmei Na'Omi was born to a noble family of Chessa. As a girl, she was well-educated and noted by her teachers to be intelligent, a quick study, obedient, but sometimes strong-willed. As she grew older, she was noted by the young men of Chessdo to be quite beautiful.   Jenmei became queen of Chessa when she was 17 years old, after marrying the late King Kenzo of Chessa. King Kenzo was 20 years older than Jenmei, but despite their age difference, she married him happily and willingly. The king adored her and treated her well, but not long after they married, King Kenzo fell seriously ill. Though the king was ill, barely one year after they married Jenmei gave birth to her only child and son, Prince Toma. The same night Toma was born, King Kenzo died. Just before he died, the king named the Queen the sole regent and ruler of Chessa.   A month after giving birth, the king's uncle, Duke Nijo, attempted to kill the baby prince and usurp the throne. The queen's maid, Aizawa Miko, escaped the palace with Prince Toma, but died trying to protect him from assassins. A young couple that was helping Aizawa Miko escaped the assassins with the baby prince and located Duke Togawa, the late king's younger brother, notifying him of Duke Nijo's coup, then absconded with the young prince. Queen Na'Omi had lost her son, seemingly forever.   Duke Togawa's army was able to suppress the coup, restoring Queen Na'Omi to the throne of Chessa. She has spent the past 20 years trying to find her lost son.   Queen Na'Omi is a capable ruler, especially noted for her diplomatic skills and resolute determination to make Chessa prosperous and safe for it people. She has mostly succeeded.

Mental Trauma

Queen Na'Omi has deeply grieved the loss of her only child and son, Prince Toma, and her maid, confidante, and best friend, Aizawa Miko. She has carried a considerable burden of guilt over Miko's death, since she was killed by assassins as she tried to protect the infant prince, and the Queen misses her dearest, closest friend. It has taken Queen Na'Omi years to finally find some peace after losing them. The death of her husband, King Kenzo, after just a year of marriage also hurt the Queen deeply. She has not felt any desire to re-marry after he passed.


Queen Na'Omi has reigned in Chessa for the past 20 years.

Wealth & Financial state

As queen and sole ruler of Chessa, Queen Na'Omi's wealth is beyond conventional measure. She has at her disposal all the resources of the entire country.
Jenmei Na'omi, Queen of Chessa
Jenmei Na'omi, Queen of Chessa by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Jenmei Na'omi, Queen of Chessa
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
9122 38 Years old
Current Residence
Chessa Royal Palace, Chessdo, Chessa
Long, large, dark brown
Long, straight, black, always elaborately styled
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Flawless, pale
5'5" (165 cm)
106 lbs (48 kg)
Known Languages
Queen Na'Omi speaks, reads, and writes Sudkou fluently. She has also learned some of the language of the Elvirim, Elvrimkou.
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