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Unity Festival- 30th of Whisper - A holiday primarily dedicated to celebrating the formation of the joint-clan home as well as recognizing the value and importance of individual differences. A day reserved for the active appreciation of teamwork, cooperation and harmony among the clan and the world. Most of the day consists of merriment in the form of individuals peddling and selling things they have made to share with the clan, games and challenges as well as a feast and dance at the end of the night.   Reflection Ceremony- 1st of Reverence - To bring in the month of Reverence, the residents of Drekiheim deemed it the best time of year to reflect on the blessing of peace that the clan has relished throughout their history. Not only is this a time to be thankful for the peace that has been enjoyed but it is also a time to recall what it means to be at peace and how every individual can best approach maintaining peace within the clan as well as themselves. The events of this ceremony primarily include several periods of meditation throughout the day as well as many discussions and lectures about peace. The day is widely seen as a holy day of emotional reflection and rest.   Gala of Giving- 25th of Tirishen - A singular event wherein, at the end of the work day, the clan gathers for a large celebration which includes music, food, drink and much merriment. The evenings festivities are concluded with the main event of the gala where, similar to a "secret santa" sort of event, each member of the clan presents their assigned partner with some sort of gift of appreciation for their efforts throughout the year. These gifts could consist of a variety of things depending on the individuals and their relationship, the most common being: food, a crafted item, a tool related to the gift receiver's trade, etc.
Divine Classification

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