The Great Arcane Council

Eight masters of the arcane, each the best one in their respective field.

The council consists of eight members, each representing a certain field of the arcane. Currently the masters are:
Trebellia Virilis - Master of Abjuration
Imlael Ravanorin - Master of Conjuration
Lembec Luckycoin - Master of Divination
Bertránd Laurent - Master of Enchantment
Ginsash - Master of Evocation
Kester Ran - Master of Illusion
Julienne Domet - Master of Necromancy
Jomruck Rockfist - Master of Transmutation
  The council is the highest power in the arcane world and decides over the laws of magic-use. With their location in Libertia they also serve as the highest court in the empire and the highest magical court in the world.

Nam ordo magicae!

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