363 II. Era

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This world out there is full of wonders and chances but also full of dangers and monsters; some more obvious than others

Chapter 3 out now!


Tooth and Claw

When Dust, a young Felinae, goes out in the world for the first time, he is sucked into a world full of wonders and nightmares,light and darkness, and an ancient evil that is just waiting to rise once again.

About this world

  A world consisting of two main continents and their surrounding islands. This world is home to well known creatures like humans, elves, dwarfs or orcs but also to anthropomorphic animals such as the cat-like felinae.
This world features areas inspired by europe, asia and africa. From quiet grassy hills, over deep swamps and jungles, through deserts and mountains and into the stormy seas; here await adventures for everyone.
Magic used to be seen as a divine and academic power but during the last 100 years more and more people found out that it works like any other natural energy and so more civilians are controlling magic their own way.

Why did I create this world?

This world is being used for my novel about Dust, a Felinae who found out that most legends are more than just made-up stories and that some challenges can only be faced with help.
There's also a D&D campaign I'm running for my friends. The current date displayed on this page is corresponding to the current date of the campaign.

The novel takes place 50 years before the campaign, so events like "The wave" or the end of the independence war haven't happened yet in it.
(This site is a HUGE WIP so please be patient with me)  


(mis)Advnetures in Dedelia

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5 unlikely heroes discover the world around them as a dark force rises.