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Hogan Greyskull

Level 1 Human Cleric of Riel

People are often put off by Hogan's somber attire and wild eyes, but the truth is that there is no greater companion to have by your side. He is a friend to all and seeks to use his connection to the divine to help those in need. When there is a problem too great to be faced alone, Hogan is there to back you up and support your endeavors with steadfast loyalty.

He is a master of healing arts both divinely inspired and mundane. He tends the sick and wounded of Vantam, spending a great deal of his time volunteering at Shorebend Correctional Facility to administer healthcare to the inmates. Through this endeavor he listens to their stories, and occasionally passes them on to an associate, Preston Dumpston IV. Hogan knows that Preston has dedicated most of his career to finding justice for the wrongfully imprisoned, and helps Preston find those who have suffered thusly. Perhaps it is because of his own imposing physical presence that he knows what it is like to be misjudged.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As Hogan grew up everyone expected him to be a great fighter. His mother constantly pushed for him to engage in athletics and learn to fight. Her dream was for her son to become a famous gladiator and lift them out of poverty with the strength of his sword arm. His dream, however, was to help others. He wanted to study, particularly about anatomy, biology, and medicine. He resisted every attempt to push him into the fighting ring, and when his mother finally gave up on pushing, she also gave up on her son. She believed his refusal was born of laziness and felt betrayed that she worked so hard to provide for a son who would never do what was necessary to provide for her. She cast him out when he was barely old enough to fend for himself, and thus Hogan Greyskull sought the church.

It was not the stuffy workshops of Yamin'Ka that called to Hogan, but the singing voices of Riel. Hogan was no hedonist, but he admired the free spirit of Riel's faithful. They did not judge him for his odd dress or his intensity. They did not ever try to push him to be something he was not. They encouraged him to live his own truth, and to seek whatever path called to him. Thus, he learned the arts of medicine from skilled clerics of Riel, and eventually, dedicated his service to the Sinosean Carnival.

Gender Identity



Hogan earns money as a local physician in Fogdowns and helps those whom the church of Yamin'ka will not. He believes in healing for the wounded no matter their ability to pay and he often takes payment in kind rather than coin. This led him to a rather meager life but he doesn't mind. It does seem that everyone owes Hogan a favor or ten, which he has a habit of collecting in rather strange ways.


Religious Views

As a dedicated cleric of Riel, Hogan Greyskull believes in the freedom of all to live as they wish. He fights for the oppressed and downtrodden, and never allows others to be pushed around. He is quiet for a cleric of Riel, not prone to flashy hedonistic tendencies, but to be an outsider among Riel's faithful is to be as normal as can be in such a free loving faith.


Hogan speak with a husky theatrical voice and sounds much like a quasi-spiritual surfer. He has a habit of calling everyone 'brother', regardless of their gender or relationship to him.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1023 AM 30 Years old
Long straight, chestnut brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
213 lbs


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