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As the capital district on Lair, Throne is inhabited primarily by dragons and Zanth, with a smattering of other species in the form of the representatives who occupy the Lower Houses.


The Emperor and the Imperial Family live in the Palace and Empire business is conducted by the Courts before the Obsidian Throne. The Emperor is often present, but when he is not, his High Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of the Empire, is and speaks with his voice.   Anything that does not require the Emperor's approval is debated in the Courts among the High Courts where the Great Houses of the Dragons hold discussions, and the Synod, where the lesser species discuss matters that they need to have dealt with.


The planet itself is protected by orbital defense satellites, an armada of system defense ships and carriers, and constant patrols.   Throne is defended by Shifter agents, Rubies, and the occasional Juggernaut, if martial law has been declared.


As stated previously, there is no trade in Throne except in food and spirits. Officially.   Unofficially, criminal activity is prevalent and one can obtain whatever one wants without having to go to Marketplace. This is both a convenience and a crutch.


Throne is composed exclusively of the great Basalt Palace at its heart and the residences of the ministers and representatives situated nearby. There are many parks, gardens, and streams, but they're all artificial, as dragons have little need for such things. What it does have is massive verandas where dragons can sun themselves and private business can be conducted, away from the prying eyes and surveillance devices that are everywhere in the Basalt Palace.


There are no stores or businesses in Throne, per se. There are only eateries, restaurants and clubs where one can find just about anything one wants, for a price. While crime is officially non-existent in the Throne district, it has a surprisingly healthy life catering to the rich and powerful.


Obsidian architecture tends to be functional or brutalist in design. Of course, the concept of functionality to a dragon also includes a touch of creature comfort, because dragons like to be pampered. The stone verandas that they use to sun themselves are an example. They're austere by most meaures, but they are comfortable, contoured, and a place a dragon could easily forget about the time.   As for the representatives, each species has brought their own designs to their residences, and most look out of place next to the carved volcanic rock of the Basalt Palace. Still, in as much as dragons enjoy being pampered, they cannot fault the lesser species for following suit and allow their representatives to express their own comforts as they will.   And, of course, there are statues of dragons everywhere. Most have plaques written in Low Draconic which is as hard to read as it is for non-dragons to speak. The Jade have organized tours that can be joined and left at one wishes that roam the district, explaining the buildings, statues and other features to tourists and the curious alike.


Throne takes up about 160 hectares and borders with the districts of Marketplace, Spaceport, Ocean and Open Trade. It is a huge, sprawling district, and the estates that make it up are all approximately 10 ares each. In a way, each estate is a small city unto itself, but all of them are interconnected to the Palace and to one another. There are approximately 1500 estates in Throne. The rest of the area is taken up by the Basalt Palace and various public parks and verandas.

Natural Resources

Throne's only natural resource is politicians. The joke among lower class districts is that Throne is powered by biothermal energy ("hot air").

Alternative Name(s)
Home of the Basalt Palace
130 billion
Location under
Included Locations
Owning Organization
The Eternal Empire

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